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Seeing the Eucharist Through 'Little Souls'

gwenda jean2Here are Dr. Marie Peeters-Ney's profound insights on the grace of witnessing 'little souls' receive the Holy Eucharist and the sacrament of Reconciliation.

"I had the immense privilege of living three years in a Jean Vanier L'Arche Community in Paris, France. During those three beautiful years, my handicapped friends taught me the overwhelming graces we receive in the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. At a time when these sacraments are often not understood, I thought it might be useful to share these moments of grace.

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Will Beauty Save the World? Well...

1-beauty-save-world-via-sufferingToward the beginning of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot, the central character Prince Myshkin is shown a portrait of a young woman named Nastassya Filippovna by a Madame Yepanchin, his hostess. She holds Nastassya in contempt because her moral reputation is tarnished.

“So, you appreciate that kind of beauty?” she asks the prince.
“Yes. That kind—” the prince replies with an effort.
“Why?” she asks.
“In that face—there is much suffering,” he says, as though involuntarily, as though he is talking to himself.
“Beauty like that is strength,” one of the other women in the room angrily declares. “One could turn the world upside down with beauty like that.”

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Pope Francis: Eucharistic Adoration is the secret to knowing the love of Jesus Christ

eucharistic-adorationPope Francis encourages spread of silent Eucharistic adoration

VATICAN CITY — Immersing oneself in silent Eucharistic adoration is the secret to knowing the Lord, Pope Francis said on Thursday morning at Holy Mass in the chapel of his residence at Santa Marta.

“One cannot know the Lord without being in the habit of adoring, of adoring in silence,” the pope said in his homily. Yet, he lamented, “I believe, if I am not mistaken, that this prayer of adoration is the least known among us; it is the one we engage in the least.”

“To waste time — if I may say it — before the Lord, before the mystery of Jesus Christ. To adore, there in the silence, in the silence of adoration. He is the Lord, and I adore Him.”

The pope based his homily on today’s read[y]ing from St. Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians (Eph 3:14-21), in which the Apostle prays that the Holy Spirit grant them the grace to be strengthened, that Christ may dwell in their hearts. “Here is the heart and center,” Pope Francis said.

Paul, the pope observed, “immerses himself” in the “sea which is the Person of Christ.”

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Facts About Satan and the Fallen Angels

Ceiling of San Carlo al Corso RomeThe Pride of Lucifer and His Acolytes

God, in His infinite power, created multitudes of angels, an impressive, incalculable number. One day during an exorcism Father Candido Amantini — a Passionist priest and my great teacher — asked a demon: “How many are you?” The demon responded: “We are so many that if we were visible we would obscure the sun.” The demon on that occasion gave information that we have no reason to disbelieve because it is confirmed in the Bible.

A great number of the angels fell because they rebelled against God. We recall that before admitting the angels to paradise, God subjected them to a trial of obedience and humility, of which we know the nature but not the specifics. The sin of the fallen angels was one of pride and disobedience. Satan, the most beautiful of all the angels, being aware of his extreme intelligence, rebelled at the idea of being subjected to someone. He forgot that he was a creature made by God. Many angels followed him in his folly.

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A Crusading Knight Reflects the Majesty Our Lord Jesus Christ

497px-Hans Thoma - Einsamer Ritt 1889Why is it that when a knight fights for Our Lord Jesus Christ, something of the Holy Shroud of Turin is reflected in his soul? With all the circumstances I have just described, the Shroud displays that erect, judging, rejecting, sovereign, firm, disapproving and affirmative majesty that makes Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Shroud the perfect Model of a knight’s soul.

If He wanted to order someone to bring Him a steed and a spear, He would need no armor, for he would forge ahead and win: no one would dare do anything against Him, for it was He that was fighting. The greatest beauty in a knight’s soul, which gives unity to the beauty of his moral profile, his weapons, his steed and the fray, is that majesty of Our Lord Jesus Christ that is reflected in him and which, at the hour of combat, makes his adversary fear him even more than his lance.

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