Corpus Christi

June 7, 2023


It’s time to celebrate once again! The Solemnity of Corpus Christi comes every year, but there should be an even larger emphasis on this Eucharistic feast within the United States due to the National Eucharistic Revival supported by the US bishops. Corpus Christi has always had an abeyance of fanfare within the Catholic Church. Local churches will have Eucharistic processions through small towns and major cities throughout the world. For the Knights of the Holy Eucharist in particular, we’re always quite busy on Corpus Christi Sunday, despite the busy schedule we are always glad to serve Our Eucharistic King in whatever capacity.

But why should we celebrate with public processions? Jesus wants to be able to impact those who come into contact with Him. Some people will pay no attention to what’s happening, that is a common occurrence. Others may respond with anger toward the Blessed Sacrament, and still others may respond to Our Lord in a mocking way. But there are others who see the beauty of the procession and respond with wonder and amazement. We cannot control how other people react to Jesus but we can control how we respond to indifference, and our response should ultimately be one of charity. Public processions provide us with an opportunity to be a faithful witness to Christ in a world that has become indifferent or in some cases hostile towards Him.

Corpus Christi Sunday is the day where we celebrate the great gift that Jesus left us on Holy Thursday, namely Himself. We need to be a people who are amazed at what and who the Eucharist is. There needs to be a deeper cultivation of love for the Most Holy Eucharist within our parishes and dioceses, and I have no doubt that this transformation is already starting to occur within the hearts and souls of faithful Catholics both lay and cleric alike.

Inviting people back to the sacraments and to come be a part of a Eucharistic procession can also serve as a powerful tool for evangelization. When I’ve been involved in processions in the past, I’ve seen people go up to people passing by and ask if they had any questions about what was happening.

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi allows the faithful to look at Our Eucharistic Lord with a greater sense of appreciation for the Blessed Sacrament, we could spend time on Corpus Christi making acts of thanksgiving to Our Lord for such a wonderful gift as well as coupling prayers/acts of thanksgiving with similar acts of reparation for all those who mock or belittle Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

When going to Mass on this great Solemnity, make sure to thank Jesus for the Blessed Sacrament. Remember, Jesus did not have to institute the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, but He chose to do so. This is an absolutely free gift that Christ gives to the faithful, and if you are a practicing Catholic living in the state of grace, then Jesus Himself, the Bridegroom and Shepherd of Souls will unite Himself to you in this most intimate way. Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever and Happy Corpus Christi Sunday!

The article was written by: Br. Athanasius Mary of the Knights of the Holy Eucharist 





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