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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Please pray that God may bless mr.koren with a job opportunity in Texas so that he may support his family. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 02-17-2019 - 4:20:25 PM


please pray that I am set free from the evil spirit named Paul Bernardo and Robert Pearman and save my life and my soul and send Sally Flemming away as she us abusive and pray I receive a flower of life from Jesus, for hope, happiness, and healed in my face from an abusive spirit.

Dr. Magdalena Lovejoy

Prayer Requested By: Magdalena Lovejoy, - 4:08:36 PM


Hello, I work at a college library. I am SO SCARED because I am being attacked by my coworkers Martin & Irma. They don’t like to work and are trying to get me fired. I love helping people. There are a lot of students that are struggling with school, hunger and depression. After work, I take care of my little cousins and aging family members. I get so tired. Please ask God to keep me safe from my coworkers and that no one believes their false claims. Thank you for your time, Diane

Prayer Requested By: Diane, 02-16-2019 - 11:12:57 PM


Lord please hear my prayer. My family is struggling to communicate and work together due to the in-laws. Please find your way into this situation, my heart, as well as my wife’s heart to help us correct and move through our issues. I feel as if I have married her family and not her, I always seem to be in the wrong and feel like I can not ever bring out the true problem, because she sees it as I am attacking her family. We have 2 children together and one on the way currently. Please help this is a critical time 🙁

Prayer Requested By: Michael A, - 7:13:07 PM

prayers please

Thank you for always praying for my intentions. The situation I mentioned in my previous prayer intention hasn’t resolved yet, we are awaiting for an answer, praying that the truth will remain, and that everything gets solved, as Jesus allows. I am asking again for your continuous prayers for this intention and for the healing of body, soul and spirit of all of us involved R,L,J,M,G,J,G,K,G, and specially Gage and Seth. ( I write just the initials to be able to put more words on the intention ) God bless you.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 6:31:25 PM


Dear Father in heaven,Thank you Lord for all your blessings in our home,nothing is bigger than your grace,we need your merciful hands upon our children,please give strength,grace,wisdom&mercy for our son on his recovering process ,Amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 7:43:25 AM


Me and my friend Josh Chaimson just started talking after a bad fight. Pray for a stronger friendship and be like brothers again

Prayer Requested By: Michael Stevens Jr, 02-15-2019 - 8:09:49 PM

for the safety of Rashel and her two young boys 10 yrs old and 15 days old who live alone and have experience violence in Arizona from an intruder in Pynicks,

for peace and good health and to come back to the church,

Prayer Requested By: Rashel Travis, - 5:42:20 PM

Healing for Debbie Ullrich

Please pray for healing for my aunt, Debbie Ullrich. She lives in Conroe, TX and was hit by a car on the morning of February 13th. She is 66, is undergoing chemo treatment for colon cancer, and was walking from her office to the courthouse when a car hit her. She is in the hospital in Houston and has a broken leg, broken shoulder, and there is a hairline fracture on her hip. It will be a long road of healing for her, so your prayers for healing and for her to use this time of pain and difficulty to get even closer to God. (She is a good Catholic woman.) Thank you!!!

Prayer Requested By: Deanna Pierre, - 2:45:53 PM


Lord fix me healing prayers for me and my hubby and our family and friends..fix me Lord I been depressed and racing thoughts and anxiety and unspoken prayer Lord I pray that this person tells me finally what is going on you know what is going on Lord and for this person forgive me for telling them something that I should of not said..I just what to sleep Lord life is so hard for me help me Lord I ask I need you so much I give this all to you Lord amen and thank you and Lord have gene tells me how he feels toward me inportant

Prayer Requested By: gretchen starika, - 1:21:35 PM


Please give me and Matthaeus real love, help him come back and help us make it work, take care of us

Prayer Requested By: katarzyna, - 12:47:13 PM


Pray that my Home Life Health will be Blessed by the Lord Good Homes for Extra Animals Poor Souls in Purgatory Forgiveness of Enemies All my Priest Friends For the Holy Father More People praying the Rosary Prayer in Schools End to War Hate Crime Poverty Abortion More Priests and Nuns Vocations That I will always be Faithful Devoted Respectful to Jesus and Mary

Prayer Requested By: Joseph, - 12:44:01 PM


Please pray that i can get through these much needed tests without a panic attack. I need to know what’s wrong with me so I can get well. Also, pray that I find a new job. I need to find a job that is not so demanding on my body. I need to work. The financial burden keeps me in state of depression and worry.
Pray I can leave this in God’s hands without taking it back.
Thank You

Prayer Requested By: Byron Scandaliato, - 11:30:09 AM


Please pray for my healing my mood swings and my doctor Paul to help me. Please pray for my beloved family my son Adomas my husbands Sarunas my pregnancy our faith and perseverance and also our prayer group xx God Bless you Agne

Prayer Requested By: Agne, - 9:27:43 AM

Good health

Could you please pray for Lino and Tyler. Thank you and God bless you. Christine

Prayer Requested By: Christine, - 2:30:16 AM

New Job

Please help me to get a new job soon and special Intentions.

Prayer Requested By: Thomas Lutz, 02-13-2019 - 9:21:32 PM


Heavenly Father, I am cold. I want to feel warmth in my soul. I want to feel the warmth of your love. Please have mercy on me and forgive me of my sins. Please help me over come my sins and weaknesses. Help me in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 4:44:46 PM

Conversions and Eternal Salvation

1. Through the Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that all baptized Christians, especially priests, religious, and consecrated souls receive the grace of the Holy Seal of God, the gift of the Living Seal of God, so they be sealed in the blood of the Lamb, and given graces of unfailing perseverance, unfailing fortitude, and unfailing obedience to God’s commands, so they are eternally saved and Jesus’ Light in the world, and that many more people are won for Christ and are also eternally saved.

2. Through the intercession of Mother Mary, Our Lady of Good Success, may the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be already upon the Church, us, and the earth, so that the Holy Spirit be already overshadowing and purifying the earth, Church, and our hearts, so that all people be eternally saved.

Prayer Requested By: Brother Alexander Chung, MIC, - 4:11:32 PM

Continual Transformation

That I Brother Alex Chung, MIC would be like another St. Paul the Apostle and in the way God wills and desires it.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 4:09:13 PM

for a passed away young man

I beg you all to pray for my relative young man Vahe,who died in a car crash a few days ago. He was too kind, humble and helpful  for everybody, he never turned down anyone’s cry for help- providing with the last piece of bread or money. Please pray for his honest and kind soul to obtain a quick peace and go to Heaven.As well as for his young wife to have peace. Thanks a lot,thank you very much. God bless you all.

Prayer Requested By: Arax, - 3:06:54 PM
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