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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Kindly keep in prayers for letitia dcosta a girl who had a accident and has internal head bleeding..shez undergoing a surgery now

Prayer Requested By: Vanitha Pereira, 08-09-2020 - 5:51:07 AM
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Christ Jesus of Nazareth, please aid us.

Christ Jesus of Nazareth our savior, speak love into our minds, please let our hearts resemble yours. Let truth roll off our tongues and wisdom be on our lips, help our hands do good works. Let our bodies endure the stresses of this world and let our souls be prepared for the Kingdom of God. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: BTD, 08-08-2020 - 10:14:47 AM
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restore marriage/ job loss

In the name of Jesus Christ I plead you will bind and remove all evil and homewrekers my husband has left me for another woman I plead he will return to me and our family . My job is also in danger I pray to keep my current job or lord help me find a job i am supposed to be at. Protect me with your shed blood of Christ and the protection of the holy angels please hear our prayers Amen

Prayer Requested By: Elizabeth S, 08-08-2020 - 6:02:10 AM
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Request prayers for conversions/healing for those in prison

Divine Mercy packs being sent to prisons, please pray for God’s abundant mercy, graces, blessings and conversion to a new life for those who receive them. Thank You, God Bless, Michelle.,

Prayer Requested By: M, 08-08-2020 - 1:28:17 AM
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A Good Mother

Dearest Holy Mother, you are our Good Mother. I love you. Please have compassion upon Eric McDonald. Please help Eric to know that he is a child of God. Please open his eyes to God’s love for him. Please pray for Eric’s conversion and salvation. May he find his safe place in The Sacred Heart of Jesus.May he enjoy your motherly care now and for all eternity in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen!!! Thank You, My Mother and My Queen!!!

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 08-07-2020 - 4:19:57 PM
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Healing and speedy recovery

Please urgently pray to Lord Jesus for a miracle healing and speedy recovery for my mother Gracy whos in hospital on the ventilator and has now had a stroke, that shes able to breathe without the ventilator

Prayer Requested By: Jess R, 08-07-2020 - 6:40:25 AM
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Pray for Nahulen

Please pray for Nahulen,(Malaysia)
Ask god deliver Nahulen from evil eyes &
let him open his hearts & minds from evil.
god by your holy blood wash Nahulen from evil spirit

Prayer Requested By: soloman raj, 08-06-2020 - 3:53:37 AM
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Healing for the whole world and the forgiveness of the souls in purgatory.

Prayer Requested By: rosana razon, 08-05-2020 - 5:03:47 PM
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Prayers for our great country

Please everyone pray for God’s will to be done in all elections taking place in THE UNITED STSTES OF AMERICA. Also pray that God open all our hearts and minds to do his will. Prayers for honest and fair election. May God have mercy on all of us.

Prayer Requested By: Mary, 08-05-2020 - 11:45:21 AM
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Fr. Louis Leonelli, CFR

Prayers requested for Fr. Louis Leonelli, CFR. Lives in Friary in the Bronx. Prayer for healing of cancer. He has cancer throughout his body. He has asked us to pray the Padre Pio Novena, if possible for him. We are praying for a Miracle. Thank you. God bless you and your religious group of Holy Men.

Prayer Requested By: Mary, 08-05-2020 - 11:39:33 AM
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Let us have patience.

God knows the vibration, spin and position of every quantum particle, he knows all that happens in Heaven and Earth and he knows every one of our prayers and the time and place to answer them for optimal results. Let us be patient for God knows better than we do. Let us trust in the Lord our God.

Prayer Requested By: BTD, 08-05-2020 - 11:21:21 AM
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My mom who is 94 her name is HOPE Flores, contacted Corona19 on June 20 and is currently in the San Antonio Tx Methodist Hospital. Her oxygen level has fallen and she has some pneumonia and got better last Thursday, today Satan’s tricks are trying to waiver our faith for a full recovery.

Prayer Requested By: Richard James Flores, 08-05-2020 - 9:55:16 AM
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Please pray for my daughter Katherine as she struggles with her same sex attraction. Please ask that the Holy Spirit enters her heart and helps her to fight these temptations and desires. Please pray that she desires to seek out God during this struggle and accept his guidance to a fulfilling life living through his Word. Please let her see that The Lord is with her and will help her battle Her temptations. Ask for my heart and mind to be open to The Lord. That I am guided by his words to help draw her closer and back to Jesus and that I recognize and use his Guidance, Wisdom and Strength. Please pray for His Mercy and Grace for both of us.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 08-05-2020 - 9:26:06 AM
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Healing of the sick

Please pray for the healing of my father who is currently sick and on a ventilator. Pray that he comes off the machine.

Prayer Requested By: Vincent Economico, 08-04-2020 - 7:05:43 PM
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Employment – Shelter. Nutrition and Health Insurance

“Dear Lord, Please bless our family to have good luck, have insurance, to have Mary, God and Jesus shine down on us, be good for our mom, have food on the table and a home. Thank you. Amen.” ~ Madison 3yrs

Prayer Requested By: LAURA CHYOU, 08-04-2020 - 6:06:58 PM
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urgent prayers needed for healing and family

Please pray for my Mother who is going to have a shoulder surgery please pray for a miracle that she wouldn’t have to have the surgery , please intercede to Mother Mary and ask mother to intercede to her son Lord jesus Christ also please pray for my marriage which is broken bits as my wife Mrs Remya Joseph is causing loads of problems and doesn’t pray and isn;t close to god, pray she changes and ask mother mary to intercede for me , also pray and help me be the doer of the word of god and that i get the gift of the Holy spirit , please father i beg you for prayers , also pray i do well in my career

Prayer Requested By: rohan thomas, 08-04-2020 - 12:52:14 PM
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Homosexuality deliverance

With prayers and fasting my homosexual desires have lessened , thank you God . Please pray for me to be free completely from homosexuality and to develop normal desire towards women and to find my future wife.
And for my sister to find a good husband.
God bless .

Prayer Requested By: Gaby, 08-04-2020 - 3:53:50 AM
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return of my son

I have not seen my son for 10 months. My ex wife has made false allegations against me to the police and the family court here in Australia. I pray my son is looked after well, is safe and healthy and I ask our Blessed Lord to hear my prayer so that I be reunited with him soon. There are 1000s of parents like me suffering in this country so please for them too. Amen

Prayer Requested By: sanoj, 08-04-2020 - 2:44:47 AM
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Urgent Prayer Request

Rose Marie Bruno is currently battling stage 4 cancer. Please pray for complete healing and no side effects from treatment. We pray she get good medical care, strength, hope, and healing.  We ask God to bless her and her family with courage and peace. Thank you and God bless you!

Prayer Requested By: RoseMarie, 08-03-2020 - 1:38:12 PM
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Please pray that my leave payment is granted so I can retire

Prayer Requested By: Bill, 08-03-2020 - 3:58:26 AM
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