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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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God’s protection for a friend.

Please pray for my friend Leigh in England who has lung issues and is forced to work through this pandemic because he is a teacher. Please pray God keeps him safe and that his finances hold to be able to make it through this very tough time. Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Nicole, 11-22-2020 - 10:55:25 PM
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grace and faith

grace for me and family to follow and grow in faith

Prayer Requested By: Bob Erhart, 11-22-2020 - 9:37:04 PM
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Prayer for help

My problem is that, I can’t get steep well enough in the night, and I am facing bad dreams at night and I am atta by caring at night, kindly pray for me,

Prayer Requested By: DIANA Phillip Francis Doka, 11-22-2020 - 8:15:52 PM
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I’m asking for a miracle to happen for me and for my life all my warrents to be dropped no matter what very very soonand for me to not go back to jail at all and not spend holidays in jail no matter what

And for Ms wheatland and me to have the greatest most passionate satisfying sex together very very soon and for Ms wheatland to give me and be a good woman in my life and Ms wheatland to be my future lady my future woman and my future wife and for me and Ms wheatland to fall deeply truly in love with each other and truly love each other and be in each other lives no matter what it takes and no matter where we are at we will have great satisfying sex together no matter what very soon and swiftly

I ask for a court blessing and court miracle and I ask for a miracle for me and for my life and a miracle for me to not go back to jail and not to ever spend another holiday in jail or alone ever again and start having fun even with women and a miracle for me to never ever have problems with love with sex or with women ever again not even having fun with them and I ask for a place to stay with 2 sexy thick single women big sexy breasts big sexy asses and be loyal to me only and end up falling deeply truly in love with me and love me and do anything for me and for my life very soon and I ask for a place to live with the 2 women very very soon and swiftly to stay low for few months now bs no drama cool sexvery very soon

Prayer Requested By: Josh Wallace, 11-22-2020 - 7:51:09 PM
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My Degree exam starts on 23/11/2020 , since it was online classes i had many difficulties in learning and i was unable to study and understand most of the topics due to many issues
I now i am fearing that i will fail in all of my exams and get very low mark and do not get subject of my choice and drop out of college and , I vry afraid and my lord jesus is my last only consort. Please pray for me so that i will pass in all of my exams with very good marks. I am a catholic from Kerela,India

Prayer Requested By: kevin johnson, 11-22-2020 - 10:51:29 AM
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Special Intention

Please pray for my Special Intetnion before the Blessed Sacrament. That Our Good God will make it become possible for me to be Ordained a priest soon. And for a deep love of the Sacred Heart.
Thank you!
happy Feast Day

Prayer Requested By: Br. Stanislaw Stanislaw OSB, 11-22-2020 - 8:26:55 AM
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Help to find employment

Please ask that if it is God’s will, I find a job. I have been now looking for 1.5 years and am losing hope. Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Bryce A Volk, 11-21-2020 - 11:26:21 PM
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help us with our finance

Prayer Requested By: terry cortez, 11-21-2020 - 8:37:48 PM
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Prayer Requested By: James Joesph Sucholet, 11-21-2020 - 3:35:59 PM
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To Build Your Body

One of my friends, a co-worker, has just been diagnosed, out of the blue, the 4th stage lung, shoulder and hip cancer. In less than six months time, it went from pneumonia to cancer. We pray that our prayers for this young family is given the strength needed for their dad to endure the upcoming battle. My friend is in his early 40s and has a family of 4 young children, the oldest just turned 14 and the youngs is pre-school age. Hi wife and life partner is a nurse and understands truly the challenges they face.

Prayer Requested By: Scott Niles, 11-21-2020 - 2:52:24 PM
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please pray for my Mom and my man always to protect my legal interests. Thanks

Prayer Requested By: anda, 11-21-2020 - 1:13:14 PM
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prayers needed

For my departed wife Taryn, for my two handicapped adult children (Andrew and Amy) whom I’m trying to rear while I’m I am still here (I’m 73 and suffer with this sciatica very much) for deceased relatives, friends, benefactors, religious that came into my life, doctors and nurses that helped with the birth of Andrew and Amy (both premature), and dear close friends who are in Purgatory suffering more than me.
Please God help me and them for the pain and suffering and to be forgiven by your mercy. Blessed Mother pray for us

Prayer Requested By: Peter Campo, 11-21-2020 - 11:09:20 AM
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My husband passed away on August 27th 2020. During hurricane Laura from a heart attack.

Please pray for his soul and for me and my daughter. We are not doing very well right now. He was a wonderful husband and the best dad a girl could ever have. We will never be the same it was a very traumatic experience for both of us. Please pray for us. Blessings to all.

Prayer Requested By: Kimberly Armstrong, 11-21-2020 - 10:47:38 AM
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divine mercy novena prayer

divine mercy novena prayer

Prayer Requested By: sisenando c rivera, 11-21-2020 - 10:39:58 AM
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Mary Daly

For the repose of the soul of Mary Daly, and for the consolation of her husband, Mike. Mary died this morning.

Prayer Requested By: Jon Daly, 11-21-2020 - 10:11:28 AM
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Please Pray

Please Pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon
I’m suffering persecution
St Michael Archangel protect us
St Gabriel Archangel protect us

Prayer Requested By: Derek, 11-21-2020 - 1:49:41 AM
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Please pray for my cousin Joe Navarro who is dying from the Covid virus at this moment. Thank you

Prayer Requested By: Roni, 11-20-2020 - 10:12:52 PM
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Pray Truth And God’s Will Be Done

America’s College of Electors had not always adhered to their respective state’s popular choice when electing a US President in the interest of country and nation; and so Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff now Dominion Voting System Corp’s DC lobbyist – the Egyptian-American Muslim activist Nadeam Elshami – conceived of cunning strategy that, if President Trump won with 304 elector votes over Hillary Clinton’s 227 by the US Constitution in November 2016, cannot absentee ballot harvesting and vote count controversy win the presidency for Biden with 219 more Democrat House seats over 203 more Republicans’ by the 12th Amendment in January 2021? On September 28, 2020, Speaker Pelosi detailed to her caucus an alternative scenario wherein neither Biden nor Trump could be declared winner of a majority of electors and then underscored imperative goal to expand Democrat majority and prevent Republican gain of control, in the event a newly elected House must decide the presidency in January 2021, with each state Representative casting a single vote as required by the 12th Amendment. Whether rumor is true or not that Pelosi herself, Senator Feinstein thru her husband, and the Clinton Foundation have stakes in Dominion Voting Systems Corporation that provided glitchy voting software or tabulators to over 30 US states, a fact is that Dominion’s Nadeam Elshami is a veteran Gore-to-Bush “vote siphoning” coordinator. And now it appears US Election in a time of pandemic is being corrupted with massive election fraud and instigated protest litigations designed to not only achieve a no-win presidential race situation but to also distract attention from probable secret electronic vote stealing from Republican candidates to Democrats, thereby creating the condition that warrants House of Representatives’ election of a US President by the 12th Amendment and ensuring a Democrat majority’s partisan choice. Yet if God’s people come together before the Almighty by whom all things are possible and cast unto Him this burden, He will hear us and battle against the father of lies as we pray: Our Father in heaven, forgive our deceptions and hear our repentant plea. We ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for the Spirit to help work out early election audit by transparent manual vote recount, in all candidacy levels, by precinct in all states so that vote stealing or padding strongholds be shattered and verified truth come out. Let Your will over governing authorities be done, “For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God…” (Romans 13:1), Amen. All God’s humbled people agreeing in prayer, please say “Amen.”

Prayer Requested By: Fil Bloom, 11-20-2020 - 12:24:49 PM
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Pray for 3 yr old Sophia and her mom, Claire – family bonding and healing

Pray for 3 yr old Sophia and her 30 yr old mother, Claire. Pray for God’s protection, light, safety and health. They left home, their family lost contact with them, and now considered ‘missing’ by the police, pray Amber Alert will find them. Claire is doing drugs and they are caught in the drug world. Pray Claire will turn to God and His light to follow His way so both will be lead out of this dark world back home to their caring family. Pray that Claire accepts Jesus in her heart and His forgiveness, salvation and compassion. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Requested By: Elizabeth Mary, 11-19-2020 - 3:10:34 PM
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Ugly thoughts

Please pray for me because there are some moments that suddenly vulgar thoughts would just enter my mind without a moment’s notice. I wish to be delivered once and for all from these unholy stream of thoughts

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-19-2020 - 3:04:44 PM
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