How to become
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Wish to break away from the noise of the world to discern your call?

Join our community of brothers for a TOUR OF DUTY
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Partake in our life of service and adoration.
It’s a unique opportunity to “pilgrim” with us as we work, adore, and live together in community.

To become a Knight of the Holy Eucharist, a young man must meet the following requirements:
  1. Be a single Catholic in good standing.
  2. Have no legal responsibilities.
  3. Have good physical and mental stability.
  4. Be a high school graduate 18-30 years old.
  5. Have the ability to perform strenuous manual labor.
  6. Have a desire to serve and not to be served.

Men between the ages of 18 and 30 interested in our community are welcome to visit for up to two weeks at no charge.

Call our Vocation Director Br. Michael
at 402-937- 3844

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By mail: Knights of the Holy Eucharist
7303 N 112th Street  Waverly, NE 68462
United States of America

Stages of Formation
Aspirancy: Up to 6 months
Outward sign: dark pants with white shirt

During this time young men are introduced to the Eucharistic-Marian-Papal-Franciscan spirituality of the Knights of the Holy Eucharist by visiting the community for work and prayer as well as for participating in the community schedule. During this time there is no commitment and the aspirant is free to leave at any time.

Candidate: Up to 6 months
Outward sign: dark pants with white shirt

During this time the young man continues to participate in the community. Feeling called to further commit his life to the Knights, he can make a short term promise for the remaining time up to Holy Thursday or October 4th, the Solemnity of our Seraphic Father St. Francis  .

Postulancy: 1-2 years
Outward sign: dark pants, and white shirt with Eucharistic insignia

The Postulancy has the following objectives: to allow a judgment on the aptitude and vocation of the candidate; to verify the level of instruction of the candidate to continue with the necessary measures; to help in the transition from secular life to the novitiate; to initiate the formation in the spirit of the Association; and to help the postulant make a mature choice in life.

Novitiate: 1-2 years
Outward sign: tunic and new religious name is chosen

The novitiate is the principal phase of formation as he enters more fully into the community as a brother. Its objective is that the novice, under the care and guidance of Vocation Director, should learn the responsibilities of community life; should practice the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, and obedience so he may acquire perfection in charity within community life; and may know better his divine vocation and his vocation as a Knight of the Holy Eucharist.

Temporary Profession: 3-5 years
Outward sign: tunic with hood and Scapular is given

The Juniorate is a basic period of formation that lasts all the time of private vows. During this time, the knight should affirm his voluntary commitment made to God. He should prepare in a most complete and progressive form, especially in the human, spiritual, religious, and apostolic aspects so that he may better serve the Church through the Association. At the same time he should strive to reach the personal growth and maturity to make his final commitment.

Final Profession: After completion of temporary vows
Outward sign: a crucifix is given

When the private vows have been completed, the Knight of the Holy Eucharist must be wholly dedicated to his mission and face the realities of his committed life. Conscious of his commitment, he should intensify his daily effort in studies and in human, spiritual, religious and practical formation.

The Investiture of the Knight by His Eucharistic King
Thus sayeth the Knight:

Salute Thee, my noble King “to Thy Cause may I be true, and ever be loyal to my Queen, Thy Immaculate Mother in blue. Hail to thee, O Maiden thou art my armor, fair Mary; with thee is my Protectress, of the fight I will never weary. (Saint Francis of Assisi)

Thus sayeth the Lord:

Come forward, My noble Knight, it is thy King Who beckons, arise with youthful ardor and learn well thy fortifying lessons. It is My desire to arm thee and to clothe thee Myself, in the suit of steadfast armor, which is every Knight’s wealth.

Holy Purity is thy Breastplate and thy Helmet is Faith. In the blood of martyrdom, may your soul be bathed.

I entrust to thee the Sword of Zeal for the salvation of all, For the triumph of My Kingdom, this weapon thou will draw. With thy sharp Sword, prisoners will be freed and ransoms paid. Fight fiercely, dear Knight, for there are souls to be saved.

Continual Prayer is thy Shield, thy guard, thy strength. In every battle use thy Shield well, and thou shall escape unscathed. Thy Gauntlet is Courage, emblazoned with the finest gold.

Go forward into battle, O Knight, fear not to be bold. Thy trusty Steed is Perseverance, carrying thee to lands that are free, abandoning thee not in battle and leading the army to victory.

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We are stationed at Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House and serve the Lincoln Diocese. We serve at Masses, Healing Services, Retreats, Vocation Discernment, and Benediction, and we serve in many other ways.

Our life is not easy but it is joyful and rewarding! Only those men called by Christ are suited to labor in this corner of his garden where poverty of spirit, a chivalrous heart, and a noble knightly character are essential.

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