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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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I need an urgent prayer request regarding that I’m facing eviction at my apartment complex i have until Sunday to leave, so my mother was staying with me also. Still, she is going through a divorce the judge grant my mom to move back in her home. However, the only bad part is her ex-husband still stays at home. Also, he has a domestic abuse charge filed against my mother its on record for her safety. My mom had a trial date on November 5th. Now her has changed until January 2020 because my attorney wife had open surgery while i will be moving back i need favor for my mom to get an earlier court date and justice on her half far as money that is owed from her husband he was subpoena to pay her but nothing has been done and also prayer for him not to bother or harm my family or me while we are living there I’m a single mom with an autistic child i graduated in June 2019 from college to better myself my mom ex-husband is the reason why i took up a four year degree for criminal justice i want myself and mom not to be worry and covered because a couple of years when i use to stay at the house my ex stepdad was staying in they found 5 loaded guns in the home now I’m going to be living there i really need favor and a good outcome in this situation thanks God bless!

Prayer Requested By: vanity, 11-04-2019 - 3:54:01 AM



Prayer Requested By: LLOYD AND SHARON PONIKOFF, 11-03-2019 - 5:53:52 AM


Please pray for my friend Kurt P. He’s challenged with many daily tasks, working long stressful hours, tough life events, loss during recent California wildfires, health issues and fear of unknown. Years ago, You blessed him, his life turned around and today he needs another intervention.
Bring him peace, guidance, and light his path to show him what to accomplish and to what to say no. Help him ease his daily schedule so he can have time for selfcare, family and close friends. Guide him to better opportunities while giving him strength through You. Amen

Prayer Requested By: V.K. A, 11-02-2019 - 11:58:18 PM

Family Prayer

for ML’s Intentions success in job, continued employment, and resolution to an issue so I am heard, That the situation will be seen from my point of view, to pass the state survey, for financial help, that s. will find the job she is supposed, for the phillips, Liptak, Lynch, Roughton Family lineages.Also that my company may appreciate me. Thanks

Prayer Requested By: Erik Liptak, - 9:13:14 PM

Prayer request to stop spiritual torment and abuse by Evil

please pray to Jesus that toronto psychiatry will give more mind freedom and stop the rape of women and abuse of women’s minds and mouths for Viola Cleo Bradshaw and Magdalena Lovejoy and pray that all Canadians will have peace and the human rights commission knows about the psychiatry violence and pray that my catholicism will not be violated by the psycho-psychiatrist who is a rapist and a sexual predator and pray that these women do not go out of their brain stem so the government must know he attempts to commit humanicide and pray that the self-consciousness is set free in God and I have my own self-consciousness again thank you. Magdalena Lovejoy.

Prayer Requested By: Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy, - 7:18:22 PM

Marital fulfillment and business breakthrough

I want the family to pray with me that I find i virtuous wife because the bible said ” he who finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtain favor from God” and my business should keep growing.

Prayer Requested By: Alaba Enilolobo, - 7:07:55 AM

Help me, Please

I have cancer and tumors in my brain that doctors won’t touch and can’t do surgery on

Prayer Requested By: Ricardo C Hernandez, - 6:50:45 AM


Please pray for me that the Lord liberate me I’m dealing with possession and have been working with my priest and an exorcist. Please also pray the Lord rescue me I was convicted of a crime that didnt happen. Please pray that the Lord protect me on probation and if possible free me from it without jail. Please pray He make haste. I need heavenly help now. Please also pray for amber the woman who falsely convicted me. Please pray any part of my body damaged by to be healed. It’s been a hard life. Thank you God bless

Prayer Requested By: Ryan Salais, - 4:57:15 AM

Departed Souls

For all the Souls in Purgatory. For My Deceased Husband, John Patterson, Kathleen Markovich, My Parents Tony and Joan Markovich, My Aunt Agnes Braderich, My Aunt Dorothy Cadwell. My Cousin Patricia Cadwell For all forgotten souls. And for all Deceased Priests. And Religious..

Prayer Requested By: Patricia Marie Patterson, 11-01-2019 - 9:41:27 PM

Pray for Norman’s healing!!!

Norman Rawding was seriously injured after a tree fell on his car. He is in critical condition.
Please pray for his healing and salvation.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 9:18:49 PM

Departed Souls

For the holy souls in purgatory.

Prayer Requested By: Patricia Marie Patterson, - 9:18:23 PM

Prayers for steph

– [ ] Asking prayers for my friend Steph S her deliverance from drugs and never touches them again her salvation that she becomes saved filled with the Holy Spirit god becomes the center of her life a unbreakable anointing on her life she becomes a light to others new godly minded friends her old friends disappear forever a good job successful career peace that surpasses all understanding good decision making skills break all the curses and demonic strongholds assignments and influences shut all the doors a powerful anointing too preach boldly the true word of god a anointing and calling like Kathryn Kuhlman she becomes a powerful voice too the nations in Jesus Christ name please pass Steph’s name and needs along to anyone willing to ne willing to pray for her And a unbreakable relationship between steph and myself (Jim) she’s being very distant with me lately thanks

Prayer Requested By: Jim, - 8:56:13 PM

Prayers for the Reposed

Dear Knights,

I would like to ask for prayers for deceased parents of my friend: Irene and Gerald Greenfiled.
Please,pray also for reposed members of these familes: Fauvergue and Falcone from France; Greenfield, Bell, White from England.


Prayer Requested By: Natalia Dawidowicz, - 5:10:37 PM

prayers for Toronto catholic schools and catholic trustees

Please pray for Toronto Catholic schools to remain true to Catholic teachings. Pray that all Catholic board trustees vote to keep the Catholic school code of conduct faithful to the doctrines of the Catholic faith and not add any anti-catholic statements at the upcoming meetings Nov 7 and November 21,2019 7pm in Toronto Canada .

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 8:46:22 AM

our marriage

Please pray for the healing and restoration of my marriage into a better holier happier and healthier marriage than it’s ever been before. Renew my husband’s commitment to me and to our marriage. Help him heal of his addictions and become honest, faithful, caring and kind, empathetic and affectionate emotionally and physically. Give him a warm and tender heart towards me. Bring him closer and have him turn towards the marriage and no longer away from the marriage. Help him to grow in faith, hope, charity and holiness. Increase his faith. Make him a saint and help him to become the husband I need him to be, as God would want for us and help us to live in the fullness of the marriage. In Jesus’ holy name I pray. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: Kathleen Tippett, 10-31-2019 - 6:42:20 PM

For residence visa

Praise the Lord
I’m nireka from srilanka now I’m Italy i need visa so pray urgent me that government wants accept my commission and they have give me visa for live please this is my kindly request urgent pray for me I’m so sad quickly they have give visa to me
Thank you God bless

Prayer Requested By: Vasanthakumar nireka, - 2:06:07 PM

pray request

Dear Pastor,
I have a request to you please pray for me because my condition is very seriously Pastor, mental illness has ruined my life. Every day I have thoughts of suicide. I am has been suffering for seven years. Happiness has disappeared in my life. There are only troubles and troubles around me. I don’t know what health is. My soul trembles because of this tragedy. Doctors say will have to take pills all his life. But even that pill doesn’t get any health. Pastor kindly request to please save me , pray for me

Prayer Requested By: deepak gaikwad, - 1:28:23 PM


Christopher Holyoke died in a traffic accident. Please pray for God’s mercy for his soul.
Please pray for his eternal rest!

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 10:53:45 AM
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