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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Latest Prayers

Marital peace

Novena Prayer request
For marital Peace and sustenance among me and my siblings To destroy negative patterns and constrain on my marriages

Prayer Requested By: Olushola, 12-12-2018 - 3:15:04 AM

Healing Sunny

Please pray for complete healing in body, mind and spirit for our Sunny. Please pray that his heart condition is healed and his cushings disease is gone and that his eyes are healed. We love him so. Gods Love and healing surround him. Free from any anxiety or fear. Free From Pain just Gods love and healing cover him with Christ in Christ and through Christ Healing. Thank you for always being here for my family. I call on you for prayer at 3 in the morning and that brings such comfort to me to know that the love of Christ is always here. I said once to God and Jesus when my Mother was sick with cancer I fell to my knees God and Jesus I can’t pray big enough and then I heard reach out to the nuns and monks for healing prayers and that is when I reached out to you. Bless you and all you do for Christ. Thank You for your beautiful Prayers…Sunny is a Beautiful soul Healing around through and in him . Thank You and Good Night.

Prayer Requested By: Melanie Roberts, 12-11-2018 - 11:40:27 AM

Prayers needed

Please pray for me that I can surrender my worries and problems to the Lord and let him take over. Please pray that God will never forsake me and that he will carry me and my burdens. Please pray for a favourable outcome

Prayer Requested By: Tanja, 12-10-2018 - 4:51:21 PM

Healing and Miracle

Please pray for the immediate healing of my mother Luz Miryam Mesa Vargas’ breasts and body. Being that she has Cancer now, we want to declare health for her in the name of Jesus Christ. By the massages of Virgen Maria and Saint Michael, thank you. Amen

Prayer Requested By: Yesenia, 12-08-2018 - 9:07:07 AM

Emotional healing

Praying for emotional healing for Yesenia from her past hurt and broken relationship with her ex. Praying for forgiveness in her heart, and for inner peace and joy to be restored and made whole. Praying for Gods love and peace to be upon her today and everyday, so Yesenia will be happy again. In Jesus name, Amen!

Prayer Requested By: Yesenia, - 8:57:09 AM

Emotional healing

Praying for emotional healing for Kelsey from past hurt and broken relationships. Praying for forgiveness in her heart, letting go of the past hurts, and for inner peace and joy to be restored and made whole. Praying for Gods love and peace to be upon her today. In Jesus name, Amen!

Prayer Requested By: TJ, - 5:44:23 AM


My relationship is in a fragile state. I’m in a job that I was betrayed in and pushed to the side. I am in debt. I hurt two of my closest friends. I direly need God’s help, mercy, and Grace in turning around my life. Please pray for me.

Prayer Requested By: Erik, 12-07-2018 - 10:55:37 PM

Financial blessings and good health

Dear God Almighty and Heavenly Father, I need Your Heavenly financial assistance because I need more hours with IHSS CAREGIVER job, I also need an apartment of my own so I can have a roof over my head and not be moving around like a nomad. Also, please help me to loose weight the healthy way by listening to my doctors. Eating healthy food, more fruits and vegetables and exercising. We ask you these petitions in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you. Ivan

Prayer Requested By: IVAN Guzman vITAL, - 12:27:13 PM


Please pray for the immediate healing of Lisa’s breast and body. thank you

Prayer Requested By: lisa g, 12-06-2018 - 4:38:27 PM

Pathetic Financial situations

Please pray very hard for my financial problems and losses in Hotel business, my financial condition is crippled and not being able to pay salaries and bills of the business, Amen

Prayer Requested By: Shahana Yasmin, 12-05-2018 - 1:59:10 PM


My Ministry Divine blessing, Extension & Divine protection , God’s open new door.
Family members spiritual life growth. [ Divine prosperity, Extension & Divine joy ]
Omana, 7 years stroke [Soul, Mind, Body Divine healing & divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Finance problem . [Heart , Head & Brain blood good circulation] [Divine long life & Divine peace ]
Prasannal , Divine blessing & divine protection , Fire anointing.
Mary Divine blessing, Job promotion, Divine blessing, protection. Finance problem
John , Suni, Abija [ REUNION] Divine unity , Music team Divine blessing. Extension.
Prasadh, Kanakam, Asish, Blessy [ Family divine protection] [ finance problem ]
Prasadh job divine blessing,[SENIORITY 36 THIRTY SIX YEARS SERVICE TWO ADVANCE Promotion , INCRCEMENT, good salary , Divine blessing & divine protection , BENEFITS, ALL FACILITIES Honorable postal minister & postal higher officers action immediately postal department . [ My sick CARCINOMA TONGUE TUMOR , CANCER, Divine healing divine fire anointing. Good eye sight , Divine protection, blessing. [ My heart , brain divine healing & divine protection]
Padanthalumoodu family house Family members 3 THREE days fasting prayer . All the arrangements and financial needs. [ NIGHT PRAYER ] Continues prayer my house Divine blessing , Extension & Divine protection . My family house maintenances , extension. Family house divine blessing, divine protection, Attached prayer room & House compound wall. Enemy problem Direct & in direct Witch craft human, devil problem. [ Finance problem ]
Family members Divine love, divine unity , divine blessing , protection.
Please urgent your prayer prayer support’s .

Prayer Requested By: kumaravel prasadh, - 11:41:36 AM

Please help me

Please pray for me and keep me in your prayers. I do not know how I will keep going on. Please pray for my ear, for peace and strength and for anxiety. I need prayers so desperatly

Prayer Requested By: Bernadette, - 12:05:30 AM


Please pray for my entire family and our President and Country.


Prayer Requested By: Mary, 12-04-2018 - 5:40:11 PM


Please continue your prayers for my mother that her pathology report comes back good tomorrow and she is cancer free. Pray she does not have to do post chemo. Pray she well make a good recovery. Blessings to you, Chrissy Herren

Prayer Requested By: Christine Elizabeth Herren, - 4:21:27 PM

intercession for all our family

we request a miracle of love and protection for each of our kids that be in our home and with reconciliation this Christmas we ask all forms of forgiveness and pray that they received all graces to receive all forms of favor my son and my daughters to be at home in our family

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 3:43:43 AM

I am in need of a miracle

Hello, my name is Sharnice and I would like prayer to recieve a very great and special miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires just for me from the crown of my to the soles of my feet; just for me that will work completely in my favor. Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Sharnice Cyprien, 12-03-2018 - 7:54:08 PM

prayer request

Dear Sister/Mother
Greetings of the season and God bless.On this Holy Month I humbly request your prayers and intercession for myself,my wife Jeena and My Kids Naveen &Nathan.My family will be hugely blessed through your prayers.
Lenin Mathew

Prayer Requested By: Lenin Varghese, - 4:04:31 PM


Dear Father God,Right now we need your divine connection between avi&san by your goodness,kindness &Grace.Amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 11:15:31 AM
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