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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Latest Prayers

Love, Wisdom, Mercy and Joy with the greatest health and well-being.

Love, Wisdom, Mercy and Joy with the greatest health and well-being.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 05-17-2019 - 7:50:03 PM

remove harassment without condition

Please pray that i am downgraded or removed from the harassment list without condition.

Prayer Requested By: jane, - 2:26:06 AM


Bless my father Joe as they found a mass. Please bless him with healing and have it not be serious.

Prayer Requested By: Jen, - 2:21:39 AM

reduce or stop harassment without condition

Please pray that i am downgraded or removed from the harassment list without condition. My name is Jane.

Prayer Requested By: Jane, - 2:08:14 AM

A prayer for the mental health of my fiancée

My fiancée has depression & is refusing to get help. I pray that the Lord open Johnny’s eyes to see that he is ill & needs to get help.

Prayer Requested By: Alison, 05-16-2019 - 6:20:20 PM

Intentions of Lord Jesus Christ

O Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for Thy intentions.

Prayer Requested By: Anonymous, - 8:05:26 AM

Prayer for healing

I had surgery 12 years ago that had been described by the Surgeon as being a simple surgery, but has left me with nerve damage in various locations within my body. My life has been turned upside down. I want so badly to be well again. Please pray for me. Jeff G

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 4:10:12 AM

Healing my grandson

Prayer requested please that my grandson receives insight from the Holy Spirit to overcome his addiction and harmful behaviors. May he understand that he needs the Lord’s help and accept it. May evil influences be driven from him.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 05-15-2019 - 4:41:19 PM

Miracles requested

Astonishing miracle cancer healing for Evelyn.STRONG Conversion of all of our adult kids & ourselves. Queensbridge rental sale of Boundary & success with magazine. Thank you God for granting my home miracle and Our Ladys intercession. JMJ please pray & intercede for us. Amen

Prayer Requested By: A, - 2:28:57 PM

I need a miracle

Hello, my name is Sharnice and I would like prayer to receive a very great and special miracle in my life I been dreaming of a great miracle of my deepest desires just for me from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet; just for me that will work completely in my favor. Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Sharnice Cyprien, - 3:51:58 AM

For forgiveness..

I live with a woman that is 83, and her name was spelled wrong on some of the invitations we were receiving for the up coming Wedding. I wrote to the Mother of the Bride and corrected the spelling of her name. This woman is the oldest in the family. I thought it would not be a big deal. Well it was, I heard from the daughter in law that lives next door. It is her son that is getting married. She was telling me that they were very hurt to have received a letter that corrected this woman’s name.
The Wedding is May 25th. I am now feeling like an outcast. I can not undo anything. I now do not feel like I a outgoing person near these people. I will just attend this function and stay quiet most of the time. I now feel like I am not wanted to be there. I am the 83 year old mother’s care taker. I am driving her to the wedding in N.C..

Prayer Requested By: Patricia Pillion, 05-14-2019 - 10:29:05 PM

Intentions of Lord

O Heavenly Father, I pray for Thy intentions. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: Anonymous, - 8:16:39 AM


Bless my father as he goes for PET scans. Protect and heal him. Have it not be serious. Please lead him to full healing. I ask with all my heart.

Prayer Requested By: Jen Asprocolas, - 12:44:24 AM

For Eternal Rest

May God grant eternal rest to. Ashley Falanka, and Michael Koski…
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on them…
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for them…Amen

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 05-13-2019 - 11:28:40 PM

housing issues

hi i need prayer to obtain an apartment on: Block 95A Henderson Road. The Singapore government reviews my application on 16th May. I urgently need this property so i can be near my Sister, so she can bring me to the Hospital ER …during any emergency given the multiple chronic diseases i suffer from . I Pray i will trust God regardless of the place i get, understanding the choice He has for me may be even better for me and for His purposes for me. Either way it will fit in with the scripture i used, Jeremiah:29:11, in Christ, Jeremy.

Prayer Requested By: jeremy, - 6:28:17 AM

Preyer for job for my daughter excellent pay package job in Bangalore

Preyer for my daughter excellent pay package job in Bangalore.

She is BE in Electronics and communication.

Her marks in March month is 9 /10.

Preyer for highest marks in BE final.

Preyer for her total well being.

Urgent miracle job please.
Thanks god blss 🙏.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 05-12-2019 - 5:51:19 PM


I need deliverance and restoration. The devil is real and has been ragging on me for so long. (decades)

I need a miracle. Got laid off from my job as an architect right before Christmas. Managed to hang in there to now with a bit of work designing a house. I need a real architectural position paying full market worth or a bunch more design commissions with good fees and deposits to break. NOW. Running on fumes and vapors, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Worn out. Hope is extinguished. Why Try?

I’ve been laboring under a Job-like curse for three and a half decades (or more). Please take authority over the Evil One and declare this curse broken. I so dearly wish to be blessed so I may bless others. Hilariously blessed. Cup runneth over blessed. Five loaves and two fish blessed. Water into wine blessed. And God restored Job blessed.

Prayer Requested By: Andrew, 05-11-2019 - 5:10:15 PM

In Gratitude for Sacred Heart Church

In gratitude for Sacred Heart Church-Lincoln, NE as the parish celebrates 100 years as a parish. I pray for continued blessings on our parish and families and for those who passed through our doors over the years, living & deceased. Continued blessings for our school families and staff as they prepare to end the legacy our parish offered as our school consolidates.

Prayer Requested By: Darrell, - 12:04:15 PM

prayers please

Please storm heaven for our family, that my husband may open his eyes to see the truth about our children, what must be done for their souls to be in the right path to God. For their conversion and healing of body soul and spirit, as well as for Gage and his family, for Jane. For our matrimony, that we may survive these trials, for everybody’s vocation, that we may see it clearly and be able to follow the Lord. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Requested By: Leia Duer, 05-10-2019 - 3:03:59 AM

My 21 Year old son

For my son Jonathan he lives with us and attended parochial school since 3rd grade and will be attending John Paul the Great Catholic University in September. He started a relationship with a 22 year old girl he met on instagram, Summer Wong. I ask your intercessory prayers so that God’s will be done in regards to it that they be Chaste. I understand we as parents do not have control and cannot, but I believe in intercessory prayer. I ask prayers that through the Holy Spirit they have temperance, chastity, purity, that if the Holy Spirit see this is not a true relationship to be followed in Chastity that God’s will be done. My son teaches Confirmation through our Parish Priest’s guidance, and knows Chastity, but I’m afraid, I have evidence this is not being practiced. On the contrary someone in the relationship is pursuing more than they should. Please pray for both Jonathan and Summer Wong. That if it be God’s will they not pursue a relationship then so be it. I honestly perceive this is prudent.

Prayer Requested By: Maria Veronica Ramirez, - 2:12:01 AM

LIttle Piper

Please pray for Piper – a 4 year old who was scheduled to be undergoing a heart transplant yesterday. A friend asked me to pray and I don’t have further information. Thank you so much for keeping this little one in your prayers!

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 05-09-2019 - 5:28:25 PM
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