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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Grace of Reconciliation

I lost the tenderness and love of someone who I hold dear to my heart. Please, guide me back to her(Allison). I implore you and pray that He may grant me the grace of reconciliation with my loved one, the strength to listen, to recognize our faults, and to forgive one another. May the sincere love, respect, and attention that we once shared w/ each other bloom again, in the image of the love that Christ taught us. Amen!

(Thank you so much Brother David Mary)

Prayer Requested By: Arpan Desai, 09-26-2022 - 3:51:58 PM
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Prayer Request

Psalm 90:17 Lord, I ask for your help in finding the right job. I want to achieve fulfillment and happiness in my career, but I also need to earn enough to support my family. Please bring me a job that is stable and pays enough to provide for my loved ones. Help me to find employment that puts my education and skills to use. Help me give back to the community through my work and through the good deeds that I perform in your name. I pray for your help in finding a better job and your guidance as I begin each application. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: anonymous, 09-26-2022 - 3:28:01 PM
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Gas Prices

Please pray for gas prices to go down.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-26-2022 - 3:25:18 PM
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Healing and Reuniting a Relationship

Prayer for your intercession, to heal and reunite the “soulmate” relationship with the love of my life, Sebastian D. Please open up our hearts to move away from the past hurts, and complications that destroyed our relationship. Teach us to forgive, and never again repeat all, that tore us apart. Grant us the maturity to be able to communicate with one another as adults. Fill us with an abundance of love, respect, understanding, trust, compassion. and commit to a second chance to reconcile. In Jesus Holy Name…This is my prayer, my wish. and my hope…Amen
Camille D.

Prayer Requested By: Camille Mia Diaz, 09-26-2022 - 1:16:26 PM
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For son and wife moved to states need way to support family place that’s very safe to live.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-26-2022 - 9:04:07 AM
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Guardian Angel,
Please pray for my short term memory problem, my health, my dead family members, my family, relationship with Sally and Richard, and me driving again. I need to go to the bath room easy. Help me to have plenty of income. Help me find a work from home job.
Thank you,

Prayer Requested By: Chris, 09-26-2022 - 7:53:49 AM
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prayer for Guidance, Mercy and Miracles

Dear God Almighty, please pray for me and to my family as I/We need you in our daily activities and in our daily lives. Lord, currently I am anxious and in turmoil, this is why I need hope, prayers and peace.

Please carry all my burdens, as my heart and soul are weary. I wanted to live in peace, which is why I need you in all undertakings that I have to do.

In the Small Claims Case that I need to refiled to obtain justice, I sincerely need God Almighty, to protect me and fight for me. Lord, the defendant was a reputable bank, but I am not scared because God is bigger than the defendant.

Lord Jesus Christ, please don not leave, nor forsake me when I able to refiled the case before the Honorable Court of Muntinlupa City, Philippines. Bless and guide me upon completion of the additional narrative and for presenting the new and additional pieces of evidence.

I pray and I leave everything to God Almighty.

We ask you all of these, through Lord Jesus Christ, your son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever, Amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-26-2022 - 2:52:48 AM
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Stimulus Checks

Please pray for every American to get $3,000 monthly stimulus checks.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-26-2022 - 12:58:51 AM
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pray for new priests in France,,,,



Prayer Requested By: Marie Rohini Phillips, 09-25-2022 - 10:24:34 PM
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Praying for daughter stomach pain get healing grant her good health and bless him to give life partner

Dear Fathers, Sisters , brothers and Sisters requesting you to pray for our daughter to get peace of mind , more strength , courage and confidence to face the difficult situation she is under going now
Dear lord Jesus Christ my daughter is every day giving trouble by her expected mother in law and the boy we have chosen gives lot of trouble, Dear Jesus this gives lot of worries and our daughter is undergoing difficult situation. Dear Jesus you touch our daughter healing her inner wounds affecting her peace of mind every day . Lord Jesus Christ show her your ways and show her to choose the suitable life partner for our daughter. Dear Lord Jesus Christ you intervene my daughter s life and blessings her healing her and protecting her ,Lord Jesus Christ you bless our daughter and show her suitable life partner for her marriage. Lord Jesus you intervene daughter life and show her the life partner . Lord Jesus bless her happy marriage prosperous future life.
Dear Jesus because of not receiving H 1B employment visa she needs to go for higher studies . You bless her studies and bless her travel and Dear Jesus you
Be with our daughter. Requesting you to pray for our daughter.
Employment visa Through Second lottery 2022 system . Praying for daughter marriage, good health and Son in law. Praying for our daughter and mother in law. Lord bless mother in law not to spoil the peace of mind of our daughter lord bless daughter and mother in law love one another and give them to build the relationship with love unity and peace .
Requesting you to pray for daughter marriage and son in law , Son in law Love daughter respect daughter and give her space to live . Lord Jesus bless both of them to live giving true love, caring Each other with affection . Lord healing son in law not to get angry with my daughter .Anger habit lord you healing him remove him. blessings him to take care of daughter with affectionate caring .and true true love. Give our daughter be more patient and not to become emotional and feeling sadness. Make her more courage and confidence on marriage lord bless our daughter to build the marriage relationship with More care and more patient and give her strength to overcome the small issues . Lord bless the son in law to understand our daughter and lord bless you both of them to grow together with true love and affection and caring one another .
Thank you Lord Jesus for giving promotion to our daughter and answering our prayers. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ
Our life is depending on my job lord give good heart to our management to help me give a chance to work two more years lord bless me to get two more years visa and contact renewed for two more years. Praying for my job get continued for two more years more . Bless my visa and contract renewal for two more years. Bless the managers mind to give me this opportunity to work.
Lord praying for my wife not to get angry and fill her to love and care remove the hateful and blessings her to love on another with affection
Lord we are finding financial difficulties blessings us to take care of all the expenses
And solve the financial difficulties
Blessings daughter and son in law daughter’s mother in law and Father in law
Lord bless mother in law to love my daughter and give her space to live. And not to make our daughter sadness Thank you Jesus. Answering our prayers.

Lord Jesus Christ bless. Our daughter grant our daughter and Son in law Live In good health, both of them live in true love , very good understanding, peace of mind, protecting our daughter and son in law not getting angry each other and have more patience, understanding give them more love one another with more affectionate love and caring each other.
Lord Jesus Christ bless Mother in law not to reduce the happiness of our children protecting our daughter not to get angry from
Son in law and lord give daughter peace of mind.
Lord protecting our children which is not gives peace of i mind bless mother in law not to create any misunderstandings among daughter and son in law ‘s life. Lord Jesus you are the instrumental for peace give our daughter peace happiness joy , unity and good health with happiness

Second Draw H 1 B selection is coming now lord give our daughter get selected in the H 1 B . Grand employment visa .Let our daughter receive employment visa H 1B . Thank you lord Jesus
Lord Jesus Christ you bless daughter and son in law are living with love , unity, peace , happiness, joy. Give our children to live with more love, unity , peace . Lord Jesus Christ protecting their jobs. Thank you Lord for giving promotion to daughter . Bless our children and their parents. Give them very good understanding. Let them help our children to live with more peace love , understanding, care one another and unity and to build a strong healthy committed family life.

Lord Jesus Christ we are kneeling down and praying to you to bless our son in law let him not getting angry with our daughter instead let him live with peace of mind and heal him remove lot of unwanted attitude and actions worrying us . Lord Jesus Christ you bless us and give more strength and give good understanding to our son in law . Lord you intervene in this difficult situation and blessing our children marriage function to be done on time, you make a miracles and answering our humble prayers to you lord. Thanksgiving to Jesus Christ. Thank you dear loving mother bless our daughter and son in law and his parents. Thank you Jesus for the engagement lord as early as possible you help us to arrange the marriage.
Lord Jesus Christ blessing their Marriage to happen on right time. Bless our son in law parents we keep very good relationship and protecting our words and actions not to create any difficulties and give your grace to maintain good healthy relationship with our son in law father and mother.
Lord Jesus Christ bless my job , lord I am in big financial difficulties lord Jesus Christ bless my job and grant me to get two more years of contract and employment with the same company, thank you lord Jesus Christ bless my job and grant employment extension of two more years
Dear Most Rev Fathers ,
Rev Sisters dear brother s and sisters we are requesting you to pray for our daughter.and our son in law and parents . And bless our daughter and son in law marriage. Thanksgiving to lord Jesus Christ .

1. Praying for daughter getting H1B visa coming Second lottery 2022 employment visa . Our daughter name get selected . Dear Jesus we are depending on H1B. Visa
Lord Jesus Christ praying for our daughter to get H1B Employment visa . Coming Second Lottery selection
on 28 March 22 our daughter did not get selected
Bless our Daughter name get selected in this coming second lottery happing in 2022 this H1B Employment visa is urgent need for our daughter life. H1B is very important requirement for her life. Lord Jesus you select our daughter name and give her H1B. Visa Employment visa Jesus thanksgiving to you
Dear lord Jesus answer our humble prayers and give our daughter H1B. Visa Blessings her daughter get promotion and blessings her plans and thanks for the interview call and you make it possible both of them work in the same organization. Blessings our daughter to get a new job interview. thanksgiving for the interview call daughter attended, bless her to get further call and the new job our daughter to get it , dear Jesus your one ward is enough miracles happen.

Lord Jesus Christ with your help we are planning to have our daughter marriage lord Jesus Christ give your blessings
Our daughter is working hard to get one promotion lord you gave her promotion thank you Jesus .
Lord Jesus Christ give our daughter more knowledge strength more talent to do her job and blessing her office manager and management to give her appreciation and daughter get job satisfaction thank you lord Jesus Christ bless our daughter
Thanksgiving to you we praise you and glorify lord Jesus Christ is everything in our life Lord Jesus Christ your grace is sufficient for us
Lord give your Grace and blessings . Lord give good relationship to maintain with son in law mother and father

2. Lord Jesus you shown the life partner for our daughter thank you lord Jesus Christ . bless our future son in law and his parents you have chosen for our daughter bless his parents. Thank you Jesus for giving this family . Bless daughter marriage bless son in law. Give mother in law love our daughter and not to create any sadness and worry for our daughter

3.Lord Jesus Christ We bless our son in law you had selected for our daughter as her husband. Now lord Jesus we are planning to get marriage. Lord you blessed the engagement and now marriage is to be happen on time, you bless marriage
Bless our daughter and son in law to build the family life on the Rock . No
One should intervene or create any difficulties poroblem . Lord you protecting our daughter give both of them to grow love umity care and understanding each other.

4.!Give us wisdom and peace of mind and wisdom to our daughter and son in law to take next step for their future prosperous family life.

5.Dear loving Lord Jesus Christ bless my wife blessings her to give good health and control her anger and expressing angry by way of hesitate with hearted heart lord you change this difficult situation and grant peace and grace to this family . Lord Jesus Christ our family and son in law family to growing with love unity and peace. Give both the family to grow with good understanding. Protecting our words and actions not to create any difficulties to son in law family. You protecting Jesus to grow both the families with love unity and peace.

Lord Jesus Christ your blessing to give us peace and harmony in the family .
Lord Jesus Christ change this situation and touch and healing to bless our daughter family life . Lord our prayers to give peace of mind and answers our prayers requesting you to give H1B visa. To our daughter in the coming second lottery her name coms as selected lord answer our humble prayers and support and protecting daughter job Blessing our daughter name get selected in the second Lottery draw going to happen soon Give H1 B employment visa Jesus
Lord Jesus Christ 2 nd lottery is coming now bless daughter name coms as selected. Lord Grant her to get H 1B is very important for her life and marriage

6 Praying for daughter and son in law to live with good understanding unity and grow in love and understand and support one another to build the good relationship and future family prosperous family life.
Give good relationship with mother in law

7.Lord Jesus we are facing financial difficulties support us and give us the way to solve the financial needs blessings us Lord Jesus Christ anff do protecting us from our financial difficulties lord Jesus Christ bless both the families relationship strengthen us with more understanding and praying one another to grow more and more with love unity and very good understanding between the two families

Thanksgiving to lord Jesus Christ requesting Jesus to answer our prayer requests
Special intentions is our daughter get H1B visa soon coming second lottery daughter name come us SELECTED and receive H1B Visa lord answer our prayers
Thanksgiving to you Lord Jesus Christ Amen

Prayer Requested By: Pious, 09-25-2022 - 8:47:44 PM
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Healing energy

Agree I’m very strong in faith and healing energy and that I keep getting money from multiple sources easily

Prayer Requested By: Haven Hair, 09-25-2022 - 5:07:55 PM
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Conversion is soul

Pray that Debbie Poleski return to the faith and participate in confession and adoration October 6th 2022

Prayer Requested By: Christine, 09-25-2022 - 1:54:38 PM
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Guardian Angel,

Please pray for my short term memory problem, my dead family members, my family, relationship with Sally and Richard, and me driving again. I need to go to the bath room easy. Help me to have plenty of income. Help me find a work from home job.
Thank you,

Prayer Requested By: Chris, 09-25-2022 - 7:31:27 AM
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To pray for the next 30 years.


Prayer Requested By: Zoran, 09-25-2022 - 6:37:42 AM
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To pray for the next 365 days.


Prayer Requested By: Zoran, 09-25-2022 - 5:17:33 AM
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Prayer Requests

Please pray for God to grant my prayer requests right now. God granting my prayer requests is better. I ask too little of God to grant my prayer requests. God has to be smart if God grants my prayer requests. It should take so little to get God to grant my prayer requests. God is solving my problems by granting my prayer requests.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-25-2022 - 3:30:21 AM
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Prayer request for healing of mental illness

Kindly please pray for the healing of Deepak’s mental illness. Thank you very much.

Prayer Requested By: Deepak Dey, 09-25-2022 - 1:47:16 AM
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Called to be Holy

I pray that I may be kept in continual prayers that I may allow myself to return to the root of my faith, to where I can trust wholely and utterly in Christ. That I may surrender all things unto Him, praying not for forgiveness for my sins, but accepting the forgiveness I have already received and striving to live a life of Holiness rather than one of penance. That I may discern my vocation, whatever it may be, and that it may lead me ever closer to Him, that I may die to myself so as to live solely for Him in the service and love of Him and His people… the Church!

Prayer Requested By: AJ Soliz, 09-25-2022 - 1:13:14 AM
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Prayer for ex to contact me

Please pray my ex will respond to my email. I was accepting his offer to help me move. Please pray God will let me know he is alright.Please pray if he isn’t alright that God will let me know this as well and how I can help. Please pray God give me great restraint and peace to not reach out again. Please pray God bind up my wounds and comfort me. TY

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-25-2022 - 12:45:15 AM
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Please I pray for a financial miraclce so I can get a house back in east coast have a safe trip back there with husband and dog have relatives friends help us be with daughter and her grand kids st joseph knows what we need I promised him a statue

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-24-2022 - 7:35:13 PM
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