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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Prayer Requested By: SHARON/LLOYD, 09-19-2020 - 2:03:35 AM
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Prayer Requested By: purchase cialis, 09-18-2020 - 5:46:37 PM
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Need healing

Please pray for my feet to be healed completely so I can walk and stand without pain.

Prayer Requested By: Amanda Conlan, 09-18-2020 - 4:13:22 PM
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Protect John Richard T

St Michael Archangel Heaven’s protector, I ask You keep John safe and protected at all times but especially while he works and faces wildland fire. Also protect John during his travels in responding to his work wherever he may be. May John have the divine hedge of protection from danger, harm and evil in all capacities. May John be alert for his own safety, as well as for others, In Jesus Name I pray to You St Michael, Amen

Prayer Requested By: E, 09-18-2020 - 9:18:26 AM
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free : anti – halloween bible tract

free : anti – halloween bible tract……i will email you one…..then you can make copies and give it out to people in your neighbor and shopping malls………….brother george

Prayer Requested By: brother george, 09-17-2020 - 3:11:07 PM
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Please pray for my feet to be healed completely so I can walk and run and stand a lot

Prayer Requested By: Amanda Conlan, 09-17-2020 - 2:43:09 PM
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Prayers for souls in Purgatory

Pray for souls of Leonard M, Francis M, Conrad M, Regina & John M, Eleanor T, Sam T, Rosemary M, Ray & Pearl Motta, Charles & Bertha M, David M, Verna & John M, Lou Brecher, Pienkowskis
Thomas M, Krista M, Father Casey, Father Yates, Father Val, Father Fleming, Bro Pancratius
Drew Bacigalupa, Homestead Slovak Priest, Lolly M, Annie Savage, Bertha Zaleski, Stella Pahutski. Pray for health and eyes of Agatha m, Lily Brecher, Matthew Moore Parents, Hunter’s mom. Souls of Dick Mcd, Wally & Rosey unger, Rodney’s Mother, . Pray for intention of Bertha M. Soul of Alex Meyer, George McCormick, George Kleban,

Prayer Requested By: Paul M, 09-16-2020 - 1:48:44 PM
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animal protection organizations

please pray for animal charities, no kill shelters an dtheir pets to be safe and protected by law and government forever. Also pray for their finacial security and enough food for all pets. Thanks

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 09-16-2020 - 10:37:43 AM
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Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Please bring back and save Shirantha’s true spirit, self, and soul that is loving, kind and caring. Thank you for getting all of us in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Please protect Orion and Athena from all negativity from Shirantha and his mother at all times. Let us to always see God’s truth and to see past all of the obstacles and illusions of the negativity, to hear only your voice dear God and be guided by your love and truth. Please make us victorious over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: Alisha Givehchi, 09-16-2020 - 10:24:27 AM
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I pray for God’s instant healing, I was diagnosed with stomach ulcer and it has triggered other diseases in my body, I can hardly move around. I pray for God’s instant healing from this strange ailment.

Prayer Requested By: Ikenna Anuma, 09-16-2020 - 10:12:21 AM
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pls pls pray for the protection of my husband vinod from all legal problems,harm and arrest.pls pray that he is surrounded by divine protection always and does not face arrest.thankyou.

Prayer Requested By: sony, 09-16-2020 - 7:04:16 AM
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I humbly ask you to pray for my Mother, Mary Anthony,
to find affordable housing and help with finances.

Prayer Requested By: Richard Anthony, 09-15-2020 - 8:35:41 PM
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Adrianna Gutierrez

She is getting soccer offers. I pray that she gets the best one to help pay for her college. I pray that it is GOD choice and where she will be safe, educate herself and be able to give back to the Catholic church .

Prayer Requested By: Michelle Gutierrez, 09-15-2020 - 1:13:56 PM
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Healing for a Family member

Please pray for my cousin and his baby boy who is very sick and may have Covid. Thank you!

Prayer Requested By: Jeffrey Warchal, 09-15-2020 - 12:34:16 PM
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Deacon Sam Beckman

For a peaceful death and for his family

Prayer Requested By: Amy Brown, 09-15-2020 - 8:43:17 AM
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For our Firefighter son Cody

Our son was in a diving accident last night.
He has a broken neck and stuff in his lungs. He was with his firefighter crew swimming.
So that’s good.
I am praying, as well as our whole family for his recovery.
He’s a strong young man of 28.
He has the world in front of him.
We ask only for a prayer intention for him.
Cody Leroy Kunik is him name.
He’s Roman Catholic.
Have not had time to inform the church.
Thank You
Vivat Jesus

Thomas Kunik (Dad)
3rd Degree KOC

Prayer Requested By: Thomas Kunik, 09-15-2020 - 6:02:09 AM
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For Our Marriage

please pray for a permanent release of anxiety and depression from my life. For a complete healing from tokophobia. For my husband in his temptations that he may always overpower the devils lies.

Prayer Requested By: Felicity Martinez, 09-15-2020 - 12:41:32 AM
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Please pray the michael the arch angel prayer over my dear friend Todd in whom I want to start a beautiful relationship with and to settle down.

Prayer Requested By: Kari Bailey, 09-14-2020 - 9:47:27 PM
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Healing for my grandma of heart!

Please, I ask you to pray for my grandmother of heart Marilda. She has COVID-19 and is interned in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. The doctors say she is recovering but that her condition is still delicate. Marilda means a lot to me and I hope she recovers well from it!

Prayer Requested By: Felipe, 09-14-2020 - 7:03:08 PM
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Prayer Requested By: HaroldDag, 09-14-2020 - 6:51:19 PM
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