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Be a part of our family as “the family that prays together stays together.”

The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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prayer for Special Intention

My Prayer for Deliverance from Pornography

Father God Almighty,

I have been living a fantasy. I hardly feel the prick of conscience anymore. I have become numb and dumbed down in my humanity. I repent of this addiction to pornography. It alienates me from those I love and it alienates me from You, my God. It’s a lie, a trick of the devil. I receive the power of your blood that not only forgives me but cleanses me.

Please do forgive me. Please cleanse me. Drive out my sin. And help me to walk in the light, to experience the blessing of my sexuality under the safeguard of your heavenly standard.

Give me encouragement and accountability. Set me free from my chains. I receive Your Holy Spirit’s power to control my base impulses and to become the human being you have made me to be, ruling over myself and this world with you.

In the Jesus, Amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-27-2022 - 1:31:15 AM
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Heal and Reconcile a Couple

St. Anthony, I am asking for prayers and Devine intervention/miracle to reconcile and re-unite my Grandaughter, Camille D., with her bestfriend/soulmate and true love. Sebastian D. Make them both realize they were meant for each other. Heal their hearts and minds and fill them both with an abundance of love, and the longing to be back in each others life. In Jesus Name. I pray. AMEN

Prayer Requested By: C Diaz, 11-27-2022 - 1:11:59 AM
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Stolen Memories

I need this Church to please pray that I recover all of my Mini DV Tapes that got taken out of my relatives Car that got scrapped. Please help me pray that I recover them all. Thank you in advance. Happy Thanksgiving.

Prayer Requested By: Theo Nemeth, 11-26-2022 - 10:11:01 PM
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Clemency for Kevin Johnson

Please pray for Kevin Johnson and for Governor Parson. Kevin Johnson is on death row and is set to be executed in 3 days but Governor Parson can grant him clemency. Thank you so much for all that you do. You all are truly inspirational.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 8:58:47 PM
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prayer for ministry

Dear Jesus, I need ministry partners, to give out and place prayer cards across the city of Baton rouge,la……..Brother George

Prayer Requested By: Brother George, 11-26-2022 - 7:33:39 PM
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Infant Jesus, I Love You

A Praye to The Infant Jesus:

Infant Jesus, I love You!!!
Holy Child, born to die for us, I love You!!!
Holy Child, Son of your Virgin Mother, I love You!!!
Holy Child, son to St Joseph, I love You!!!

Holy Child, please look upon us with Your eyes of innocence and love…Have mercy upon us and save us so that we can enjoy you for ever and ever with Your Blessed Mother and St Joseph in Heaven…Amen

Prayer Requested By: Alfred, 11-26-2022 - 7:08:57 PM
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Request prayer

I ask for free prayers for Anita Torre

Prayer Requested By: Anita Torre, 11-26-2022 - 4:04:02 PM
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Immediate help for health emergency for Felicity Perpetua Catherine Madden

Health and wisdom for the doctors

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 3:39:41 PM
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Prayer to Restore Marriage

Please pray that my marriage is saved and that my husband returns home to me and our 19 month old daughter. Thank you.

Prayer Requested By: Melissa Reynolds, 11-26-2022 - 2:22:51 PM
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My Jesus, mercy!!!

Prayer Request:

1.) Eric McDonald- For the conversion and salvation of Eric McDonald.

2.) Erik Cantu- For healing and salvation of Erik Cantu.

3.) Dylan Rounds- Dylan has be missing for over 5 moths. The police call it a homicide but there is no body…Pray for Dylan’s salvation. May God give Dylan a miracle!!!!!

4.) Ezriah Rolfe Brown-Uncle Ezriah (Deceased) Please pray for his eternal rest!!!!

Prayer Requested By: Alfred, 11-26-2022 - 1:33:40 PM
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Prayer for Healing for my mother

I pray for my mother who recently came down with COVID. I pray that she will have a speedy recovery and be back to good health soon. I pray that her oxygen levels will stay above 90 and that she may be comforted knowing that our Lord is with her. I pray that our Lord will have His healing hands on her and will keep her safe and return her to good health. Thank you so much. I pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer Requested By: Lauren Martinez, 11-26-2022 - 1:29:55 PM
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Desperate Plea

I have been far from The Lord and in my worry I have turned to the things of the world such as pornography and licentiousness to distract me. This infernal addiction to stress and to pornography has. distorted how it is that I look at women, at men and myself, though I am not one, the devil is currently using this temptation to lead me to confused sexuality, one that is far from God and one that favours the gaze of men rather women. Please, mercy, pray for me to The Lord Our God, such that I may return to his loving arms and live in Mary’s immaculate heart forever more. So that I be freed from these ties that bind, freed from the chains of bondage. I wish to Jesus again. I want to want to be with him. Should there be a day after a long and merciful stint in purgatory that I should enter through the gates of glory, may I be eternally grateful for your prayers for me.

Prayer Requested By: Conor, 11-26-2022 - 1:16:27 PM
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Urgent Pray Request

For the complete healing of Danny James. For comfort for him, his parents and grandparents as they deal with the trials and distress of not finding any relief from the recurring issues that don’t seen to have a solution. They know that Jesus is the solution…Jesus please heal Danny James.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 12:59:15 PM
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Prayer Requests

Please pray for all prayer requests on this website to be granted.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 11:10:39 AM
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Prayer Requested By: Zoran, 11-26-2022 - 10:53:31 AM
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Prayer for PAL & AMOR

May their decades long UNION continue to be BLESSED and STRENGTHENED by GRACE of the Almighty GOD.

That they may live in KINDNESS and LOYALTY, in unfailing TRUST and LOVE so that their whole life may be PLEASING to the Father.

May the blessed Mother Mary take them into her maternal care to HELP and GUIDE them all throughout their time together.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 9:06:49 AM
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Guardian Angel,
Please pray for my short term memory problem, my health, my dead family members, my family, relationship with Sally and Richard, and me driving again. I need to go to the bath room easy. Help me to have plenty of income. Help me find a work from home job.
Thank you,

Prayer Requested By: Chris, 11-26-2022 - 8:04:59 AM
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Corpuz & Trobada Families

Praying may the heavenly FATHER
– PROTECT them in the midst of danger
– Comfort them in their afflictions
– Give them HEALTH of mind & body
– Speed ASSISTANCE in their temporal needs
– BLESS them on all that they do

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 7:32:29 AM
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Prayer for our FAMILY

As we seek GOD’s :

• loving MERCY for the forgiveness of our sins
• GRACE & FAVOURS that HE may grant
• PROTECTION against evil, misfortunes, sickness & accidents

We ask this through CHRIST our Lord and through the intercession of Mary our Mother.


Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 7:12:13 AM
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Prayer Requests

Please pray for me to get what I want from God. I want to get what I want from God. Please pray for God to give me what I want. I believe in the power of prayer. Please pray for God to want to grant my prayer requests. I want my prayer requests granted. Please pray for God to grant my prayer requests. Please pray for my prayer requests to make a difference. My prayer requests make a difference. Please pray for my prayer requests to change something. My prayer requests change something. Please pray for my prayer requests to do something. My prayer requests do something. I believe in the power of prayer requests. My prayer requests aren’t nothing. If my prayer requests change something, then my prayer requests are granted. God is solving my problems by granting my prayer requests. Prayer requests are important. God is solving all of my problems by granting all of my prayer requests. My prayer requests are something. I feel good if my prayer requests are granted. Please pray for me to get what I want.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 11-26-2022 - 5:45:42 AM
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