Total Consecration: Day 32 – St. Louis Marie de Montfort – Daily Reflection

May 7, 2019

What is Total Consecration?

Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary is a 33-day course that builds on True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis Marie de Montfort. It’s an amazing way to grow deeper in your faith and draw closer to Jesus through Mary. Each of the 33 days includes a short video, some written reflections, and prayer time. Join us!

Part IV: Knowledge of Jesus, Day 6

We are now on the sixth day of Part IV, Knowledge of Jesus. Today’s reflection is taken from The Imitation of Christ and it begins with the explanation of what it means, to love Our Lord. There are several points here to be considered. First, It says, “Blessed is the man who knows what it is to love Jesus and to despise himself for the sake of Jesus. You must give up all other love for His, since He wishes to be loved alone by all.” Then it moves on, from a personal level of love including love of self, to the love of created things. It explains the danger of being deceived when our love finds its delight and attachment to the creature rather than God. It further explains the consequences, if we hold on to creatures it will lead us to the same end with the creatures, but with God, we will be firmly rooted in His Love.

The book also explains, as we should, to establish a friendship with God and let Him sit on the throne of our Hearts, for this is what Our Lord so desires. But this is so profound, for if the King sits on the throne of our hearts, our mind and will, must be the King’s subjects and must promptly obey and submit to His sovereign dominion. Our hearts must be the king’s royal palace, free from the love of creatures, but the love of God alone. This royal palace must be well furnished with merits, graces, and virtues pleasing to the eyes of the King. This may seem difficult to us, but it’s not impossible, for God in His goodness provides us the means through the sacraments of the Church. Scriptures says, “Create a clean heart in me, O God, and put a new and steadfast spirit within me.” (Ps. 51:10)

Oh, if we only knew how to free ourselves from the love of creatures, how quickly would He come into our hearts. Now, let’s move to some new things here, the four interior practices of True devotion to Our Lady. These are what St Louis de Montfort calls doing all actions by Mary, with Mary, in Mary, and for Mary, so that we may do them all the more perfectly by Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus and for Jesus. This sounds new to us but we will explain these one by one. When we say doing our actions by Mary, it means we must obey the Blessed Mother in all things, and in all things, conduct ourselves by her spirit, for those who are lead by the Spirit of Mary are the Children of Mary and consequently, Children of God.

The Spirit of Mary is the Spirit of God for She was never led by her own spirit, but always led by the Spirit of God. To be led by the Spirit of the Blessed Mother, we must first of all renounce our own spirit and will, so that there will be no obstacle or opposition with the Spirit of Mary, so that She can move us and influence us in the manner she chooses, like a paintbrush in the hand of an artist. Here is a short prayer to Our Lady that will help us move according to her Spirit, “I renounce myself and give myself to you my dear Mother to be moved and directed by your Spirit.” Does this sound familiar to us? This is a short prayer of entrustment to Mary. This should be the attitude of the soul who wants to consecrate to Our Lady. We must also do our actions with Mary, that is to say, doing our actions with considerations, as if Mary herself has done it, or how she would have done it, had she been in our place. For this end, we must meditate on Our Lady’s great virtues, which she practiced during her life. My friends, Our Lady did all things with great love, profound humility, purity of intention and all virtues, submitting herself in everything putting herself last of all.

Readings and Prayers for Day 32 of 33

Spiritual Exercises: Acts of love of God, Thanksgiving for the blessings of Jesus, contrition and resolution

Imitation: Book 2, chapter 7 & True Devotion: Nos. 257-260

Imitation: Book 2, chapter 7

Of Loving Jesus Above All Things
Blessed is the man who knows what it is to love Jesus, and to despise himself for the sake of Jesus. You must give up all other love for His since He wishes to be loved alone above all.

Love of creatures is deceiving and constantly changing, but the love of Jesus is true and permanent. If you hold on to creatures, you will fall with them; if you hold on to Jesus, you will remain firmly planted forever.

Love Him, then keep Him as a friend. He will not leave you as others do; nor will He permit you to suffer eternal death. Separate yourself a little from everything, then. Cling, therefore, to Jesus in life and death; trust yourself to Him alone Who can help you when all others fail you.

The nature of Christ’s love is such that it will not admit a rival; He wants you for Himself alone. He desires to sit on the throne of your heart as King; which is His right. If you only knew how to free yourself of the love of creatures, how quickly would He come into your heart!

True Devotion: Nos. 257-260

There are also some very sanctifying interior practices for those whom the Holy Ghost calls to a high perfection. These may be expressed in four words. To do all our actions: by Mary, with Mary, in Mary, and for Mary. So that we may do them all the more perfectly by Jesus, with Jesus, in Jesus, and for Jesus. By Mary: We must obey her in all things, in all things conduct ourselves by her spirit which is the Holy Spirit of God “those who are led by the Spirit of God, are the children of God.” Those who are led by the spirit of Mary, are the children of Mary, and among the clients of Mary, none is true and faithful but those who are led by her spirit. Jesus has rendered Himself, so completely the Master of Mary, that He has become her own spirit. A soul is happy indeed when it is all possessed and overruled by the spirit of Mary, a spirit meek and strong, zealous and prudent, humble and courageous, pure and fruitful. We must do our actions with Mary. We must consider in every action how Mary has done it; she being in our place. For this end, we must meditate on the great virtues which she practiced during her life, first of all, her lively faith, by which she believed, without hesitation, the angel’s word, and believed faithfully and constantly, up to the foot of the Cross. Her profound humility which made her hide herself, hold her peace, submit to everything, and put herself last of all.

Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy.
Jesus, hear us.
Jesus, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,
have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
have mercy on us.
God, the Holy Spirit,
have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, one God,
have mercy on us.
Jesus, Son of the living God, R. have mercy on us.
Jesus, Splendor of the Father,
Jesus, Brightness of eternal Light,
Jesus, King of Glory,
Jesus, Sun of Justice,
Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary,
Jesus, most amiable,
Jesus, most admirable,
Jesus, the mighty God,
Jesus, Father of the world to come,
Jesus, Angel of great counsel,
Jesus, most powerful,
Jesus, most patient,
Jesus, most obedient,
Jesus, meek and humble of heart,
Jesus, Lover of Chastity,
Jesus, our Lover,
Jesus, God of Peace,
Jesus, Author of Life,
Jesus, Model of Virtues,
Jesus, zealous for souls,
Jesus, our God,
Jesus, our Refuge,
Jesus, Father of the Poor,
Jesus, Treasure of the Faithful,
Jesus, good Shepherd,
Jesus, true Light,
Jesus, eternal Wisdom,
Jesus, infinite Goodness,
Jesus, our Way and our Life,
Jesus, joy of the Angels,
Jesus, King of the Patriarchs,
Jesus, Master of the Apostles,
Jesus, Teacher of the Evangelists,
Jesus, Strength of Martyrs,
Jesus, Light of Confessors,
Jesus, Purity of Virgins,
Jesus, Crown of all Saints,

Be merciful, spare us, O Jesus!
Be merciful, graciously hear us, O Jesus!

From all evil, R. Jesus deliver us.
From all sin,
From Thy wrath,
From the snares of the devil,
From the spirit of fornication,
From everlasting death,
From the neglect of Thine inspirations,
Through the mystery of Thy holy Incarnation,
Through Thine Nativity,
Through Thy Infancy,
Through Thy most Divine Life,
Through your Labors,
Through Thine Agony and Passion,
Through Thine Cross and Dereliction,
Through Thine Sufferings,
Through Thy Death and Burial,
Through Thine Resurrection,
Through Thine Ascension,
Through Thine Institution of the Most Holy Eucharist,
Through Thy Joys,
Through Thy Glory,

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,
R. Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,
R. Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,
R. Have mercy on us, O Jesus.

Jesus, hear us.
Jesus, graciously hear us.

Let us pray.
O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast said, “Ask and ye shall receive; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” mercifully attend to our supplications, and grant us the grace of Thy divine charity, that we may ever love Thee with our whole heart, and with all our words and deeds, and may never cease from praising Thee.

Give us, O Lord, a perpetual fear and love of Thy Holy Name; for Thou never failest to govern those whom Thou solidly establish in Thy love. Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.

St. Louis Marie de Montfort’s Prayer to Jesus
O most loving Jesus, deign to let me pour forth my gratitude before Thee, for the grace Thou hast bestowed upon me in giving me to Thy holy Mother through the devotion of Holy Bondage, that she may be my advocate in the presence of Thy majesty and my support in my extreme misery. Alas, O, Lord! I am so wretched that without this dear Mother I should be certainly lost. Yes, Mary is necessary for me at Thy side and everywhere that she may appease Thy just wrath, because I have so often offended Thee; that she may save me from the eternal punishment of Thy justice, which I deserve; that she may contemplate Thee, speak to Thee, pray to Thee, approach Thee and please Thee; that she may help me to save my soul and the souls of others; in short, Mary is necessary for me that I may always do Thy holy will and seek Thy greater glory in all things. Ah, would that I could proclaim throughout the whole world the mercy that Thou hast shown to me! Would that everyone might know I should be already damned, were it not for Mary! Would that I might offer worthy thanksgiving for so great a blessing! Mary is in me. Oh, what a treasure! Oh, what a consolation! And shall I not be entirely hers? Oh, what ingratitude! My dear Savior, send me death rather than such a calamity, for I would rather die than live without belonging entirely to Mary. With St. John the Evangelist at the foot of the Cross, I have taken her a thousand times for my own and as many times have given myself to her; but if I have not yet done it as Thou, dear Jesus, dost wish, I now renew this offering as Thou dost desire me to renew it. And if Thou seest in my soul or my body anything that does not belong to this august princess, I pray Thee to take it and cast it far from me, for whatever in me does not belong to Mary is unworthy of Thee.

O Holy Spirit, grant me all these graces. Plant in my soul the Tree of true Life, which is Mary; cultivate it and tend it so that it may grow and blossom and bring forth the fruit of life in abundance. O Holy Spirit, give me great devotion to Mary, Thy faithful spouse; give me great confidence in her maternal heart and an abiding refuge in her mercy, so that by her Thou mayest truly form in me Jesus Christ, great and mighty, unto the fullness of His perfect age. Amen.

O Jesus living in Mary
O Jesus living in Mary,
come and live in Thy servants.
In the spirit of Thy holiness,
in the fullness of Thy might,
in the truth of Thy virtues,
in the perfection of Thy ways,
in the communion of Thy mysteries.
Subdue every hostile power in Thy spirit,
for the glory of the Father. Amen

Litany of the Holy Ghost

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.

Father all powerful, have mercy on us
Jesus, Eternal Son of the Father, Redeemer of the world, save us.
Spirit of the Father and the Son, boundless life of both, sanctify us.
Holy Trinity, hear us

Holy Ghost, Who proceedest from the Father and the Son, enter our hearts.
Holy Ghost, Who art equal to the Father and the Son, enter our hearts.

Promise of God the Father, R. have mercy on us
Ray of heavenly light,
Author of all good,
Source of heavenly water,
Consuming fire,
Ardent charity,
Spiritual unction,
Spirit of love and truth,
Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
Spirit of counsel and fortitude,
Spirit of knowledge and piety,
Spirit of the fear of the Lord,
Spirit of grace and prayer,
Spirit of peace and meekness,
Spirit of modesty and innocence,
Holy Ghost, the Comforter,
Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier,
Holy Ghost, Who governest the Church,
Gift of God, the Most High,
Spirit Who fillest the universe,
Spirit of the adoption of the children of God,

Holy Ghost, inspire us with horror of sin.
Holy Ghost, come and renew the face of the earth.
Holy Ghost, shed Thy light in our souls.
Holy Ghost, engrave Thy law in our hearts
Holy Ghost, inflame us with the flame of Thy love.
Holy Ghost, open to us the treasures of Thy graces
Holy Ghost, teach us to pray well.
Holy Ghost, enlighten us with Thy heavenly inspirations.
Holy Ghost, lead us in the way of salvation
Holy Ghost, grant us the only necessary knowledge.
Holy Ghost, inspire in us the practice of good.
Holy Ghost, grant us the merits of all virtues.
Holy Ghost, make us persevere in justice.
Holy Ghost, be Thou our everlasting reward.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Send us Thy Holy Ghost.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
pour down into our souls the gifts of the Holy Ghost.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
grant us the Spirit of wisdom and piety.

V. Come, Holy Ghost! Fill the hearts of Thy faithful,
R. And enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

Let Us Pray
Grant, O merciful Father, that Thy Divine Spirit may enlighten, inflame and
purify us, that He may penetrate us with His heavenly dew and make us
fruitful in good works, through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who with
Thee, in the unity of the same Spirit, liveth and reigneth forever and
ever. Amen.

Ave Maris Stella

Hail, bright star of ocean,
God’s own Mother blest,
Ever sinless Virgin,
Gate of heavenly rest.

Taking that sweet Ave
Which from Gabriel came,
Peace confirm within us,
Changing Eva’s name.

Break the captives’ fetters,
Light on blindness pour,
All our ills expelling,
Every bliss implore.

Show thyself a Mother;
May the Word Divine,
Born for us thy Infant,
Hear our prayers through thine.

Virgin all excelling,
Mildest of the mild,
Freed from guilt, preserve us,
Pure and undefiled.

Keep our life all spotless,
Make our way secure,
Till we find in Jesus,
Joy forevermore.

Through the highest Heaven
To the Almighty Three,
Father, Son and Spirit,
One same glory be. Amen.

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