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  • Requester:Norma guadalupe Gonzales
  • Topic:
  • Date:06-01-2019
  • Time:4:51:06 PM

For Mary B and her family, For Mary R. and her family, For Maria S. and her family, For Debbie, For yolanda, For Rachel and Hope, FOr Mrs. Beatrice
For Margaret L, For Chayo and her family, For Miguelito who is ill, for JoAnn, For Brenda M., For Matthew, For Bethany
For Stevie and his family, for Oscar, For Reysito, FOr Mague C., For Anna, For Vito, For Melissa and her husband Nash,
For Richard M and his family, For Mr. TOny the homeless man, For Mr. TOny from Castroville, For Sylvia, For Emma, For Ms. Perry, For Mrs. Bloodgood
For the Cordi Marian Nuns, For the two sisters from Monsterrrat, For Laura S. , FOr Gloria S., for my cousin Gloria , For Yoyis and Kevin
For Mr and Mrs. Torres, for all those who have crossed our path and will cross our path, for all those who asked us to pray for them,
For all the priests, For peace in the world, For peace in families, and for peace within each one of us

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