Offering Your Day for Special Intentions

July 29, 2019

Christ the King

“Christ the Lord, High Priest taken from among men, made the new people ‘a kingdom and priests to God the Father.’ The baptized, by regeneration and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, are consecrated as a spiritual house and a holy priesthood, in order that through all those works which are those of the Christian man they may offer spiritual sacrifices and proclaim the power of Him who has called them out of darkness into His marvelous light” (Lumen Gentium).

You can offer your day–your prayers, your works, your sufferings–for the good of others! One way you can do this is by offering each day for specific intentions, which you can remember and renew throughout the day.

For this purpose, we share an offering prayer and list of intentions for each day of the week.

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