Defending Advent to the Very Last Day

December 9, 2017

Did you hear that? Yes, that. It’s Christmas music (or muzak, depending on your auditory sensibilities) and its being pushed through every shopping, media, and public speaker directed at exciting every dendrite that leads into our sugar candy-craved inner selves.

But early December is not Christmas, nor are hijacked selling-jingles really about the Christ child. This is… a drum roll please… Advent, the awaiting time, to-come-to time. And, it is a season all its own.

Advent is a ‘little brother’ to Christmas, a time to prepare our hearts by entering a period of ‘little Lent’ — striping away life-clutter that may prevent us from stooping low to see the humble manger that holds the King Child of Creation, Jesus Christ.

We can liken Advent to St. John the Baptist, the last of the prophets. He point to Christ’s light and as a harbinger proclaims his coming. But he is not the Messiah. So to, Advent is not Christmas.

So if you’ve blown up that festive lawn Santa, and it happily hums in your front yard in the evening, unplug it please. Unplug yourself from the mall’s muzak, and wrap the gift of yourself before the Blessed Sacrament. Don’t worry, God is the Lord of time. He will multiply the time given him and multiply your joy when Christmas arrives.

And, join us in this stand. Help us defend Advent’s proper place in liturgical heavenly time.

Since music can aid us in separating time into moments of pregnant-pause (silence not being ’empty’) we’ve created this playlist of 40 Catholic Advent songs, some well-known, some rare, to help us all stay focused.

Sacred music has a unique way of helping us focus on deeper realities as it helps delineate our place and that of the true battle around us.

Happy Advent!

Advent: November 30th to December 24th

The Liturgical Season of Advent |

Advent Notes from the USCCB:


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