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Love of the Poor

Something so straight-forward has been massively controversial since the late 18th century. In 1789 poor people (riled up and eventually overtaken by intellectuals from a completely different economic class) rose up in France against the

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St. Joseph, Pray for Us!

I am too much of a scholar to believe that I know very much about who St. Joseph was. Too much of one to be satisfied with many artists’ depictions of him. The same goes

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Vocational Discernment

The idea that people have a vocation to a particular kind of life is a funny obsession of the modern Church. Though, this is not to say that it is a mistake. However, the Church

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Aesthetics, the theory of beauty, is becoming a big topic for theologians. Of the so-called transcendentals – truth, goodness, and beauty – it has, of the three, been as neglected as the Holy Spirit is

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Best Books

A few times in these posts I’ve recommended that people read good books to strengthen their faith. Reading books has always constituted an important part of my spiritual practice. I would rather read than just

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Prayer Forges the Only True Human Community

It’s not that unusual to be asked to ‘support’ some cause via the various ubiquitous social networking sites out there. Some groups still go door-to-door in order to drum up support for their cause. When

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Sin, Law, Circumstance

I had an interesting conversation the other day about the assertion “smoking is a mortal sin.” In sum, I told the person with whom I was speaking nothing is a mortal sin, but many things

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I have said many times and will not tire from saying, pride is the worst of human failings, the most destructive, the deadliest thing. And when it is at its subtlest, it is at its

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