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  • Requester:Jean-François Charrier
  • Topic:
  • Date:12-21-2019
  • Time:2:09:47 PM

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

– I would like to ask for prayers to find a job and pass a librarian competition this year. May the Lord help me to be as productive as possible, to have the best methods. I also pray to earn more money and thus experience

a certain financial stability, even a new job. That I can revise without stress, make files, as effectively as possible, without bad humor. May he work miracles, healings and wonders! That we have more money for our

doctor’s fees, repairs … I pray that my stress will disappear completely, that I have the peace of God. That I find a job quickly but that I am not obsessed with it. Let me pray more and stop doing things halfway. May

Jesus be our bread of life, do exploits. I pray to truly fear God. Let me know Elijah the Prophet and follow his example. That we can have a good dialogue with my wife. That I don’t abuse her, that I don’t treat her “like

shit”. THAT physical contact be reestablished between us. Let Satan come out of her. Don’t tell me anymore that I have to go to the hospital. Let her fart no more cables. Let me be free from my demons and unclean spirits.

I pray to switch to electronic cigarettes. That we were not going to live in the United States. Let her no longer take care of herself. Let her stop saying “there is nothing left between us”. That we can talk a lot and do

things together. I wish that my soul would never be shot again but that it would be full of joy. Let me know Elijah the prophet and follow his example. Let me be free from my demons and unclean spirits. That we can have a

good dialogue with my wife. Let physical contact be reestablished between us. Let Satan come out of her. Don’t tell me anymore that I have to go to the hospital. Let her fart no more cables. Let me stop being afraid of her

and her reactions.

– I would like to pray for the restoration of my marriage, so that my wife and I live in communion with Christ, in fasting and prayer, so that the Holy Spirit will guide us both and that we will stop our quarrels , all day, in

my wife’s car or school. May he give us gifts of the Spirit such as prophecy and praying in tongues and our ministries. I would also like to say a prayer for having healthy and holy sex so that we can have sex more often. I

wish we could find a good church for the two of us to go to and make Christian friends. May my wife recognize my work in Christ so that she can regain faith and trust in God. Let her accept the testimonies that I give to

people, to strangers … That I never get angry again and that she forgives me constantly. May we live in peace, joy and love. May I have a good, restful night. May we have eternal life. I pray that I and my wife will stop

self-flagellating. Let me tidy up at home, let my wife do it for me. That I can take naps during the day. That I stop going to get her and take her by car, that I no longer work at her school, that I no longer do the shopping.

That I no longer have memory and comprehension problems, that I am no longer shouted by the drugs. Let my obsession with sex go. Let my parents or my wife no longer worry about me. Help me expiate all of my

misconceptions about sleep, help me fast more, help me eat good food and finally have the best Christmas ever. I pray to be smarter, socially, emotionally. That I no longer have concentration or memory problems. Let me

drive well and stop breaking my car. May my wife no longer look at me with the eyes of anger, may she no longer be arrogant. Let’s stop swearing. Let me buy a new battery for my computer. May God not curse me anymore.

May he work miracles for us.

– I pray to get out of my depression, that Jesus will heal me completely, to rediscover the joy of living and wisdom, to stop my obsessions. So that I can pray in a better way. I pray that I will be less anxious, more

communicative, less obsessive, that I will cry more and that the Holy Spirit will descend on us after our repentance. May he grant us charity. I pray to stop my drug treatment and a resolution of my physiological problems

(acne in particular, pimples, blackheads …), emotional and mental, my chronic fatigue, my thoughts of suicide, my sadness, my crying and my anorexia. I pray that the appointments with the psychiatrist and the psychologist

will stop as well as the nursing visit and that I will not return to the hospital and that I can stop my treatment. I pray that my wife will accept the way I dress. That we can find clothes that we both like. May my health be

protected. Let me speak of God and give Bibles to everyone. Let my wife come to church with me.

May the Lord allow me to avoid overeating and strengthen my fasting, as well as for my wife: may she prepare breakfast. Let her no longer be obsessed with her appearance, weight and food. Let me give her good gifts.

Never let her face me again. Let her be more tactile with me, let her want me. May she convert to God and be humble. Let Satan stop attacking us. Let her accept that we won’t have sex for a while. May I stop insulting the

Lord. May we live in fear of God. May the Lord return soon. That I no longer hesitate to obey God. I pray that March will come soon. May we be happy, laughing and fulfilled on all fronts. Let her not feel mistreated, let

me treat her well, like a Christian husband. I cry all the time. Let me tell my wife and family about my friends and family. May she be kind, understanding and patient with me all the time. Let us have a baby quickly. Let her

stop getting mad at the machines, let her be more serene. Help me stop being crazy. That I can no longer hide my identity. Let me stop cheating, stealing. That I stop constantly coming back to my suicide ideas. Help me to

praise you better Lord. Let me not pretend to be indifferent, let me be nonchalant, let me not be contemptuous of others. May my wife find patience for me. May I no longer be attracted to homosexuals. Let me push my

limits. That I do not feel constantly in distress or in doubting myself. That I stop being obsessed with breasts, buttocks, female genitals… Let me stop stressing about everything. May the Church become a priority for me

and may I be understood. Let me stop forcing with God. Let my wife not worry about what she will wear or what she will eat. Never be late again. That I no longer have pimples on my face or on my back.

– I pray for my parents, my brothers and sisters, my close family and my friends. I pray to witness the Word to them and stop lying. I pray that they will find Christ and accept him in their hearts. I pray for close

proximity to my family and more friends. Let me speak to my brother and sister. May I love and forgive my cousins, my brothers and sisters. I would like to witness to Jesus in action, in spirit and in truth. May he give us

more divine love! Let me tell my parents and others about my wife and our problems. May tenderness and affection return between us. Let me tell my wife and family about my friends and family. Let me stop my anxiety

attacks and be in control of my emotions. Let me stop being bloodthirsty and morbid. I pray for political opinions. Let me stop entering my personality. May my wife never contact a lawyer and may I endure her wickedness.

That I can wash more often. May my wife never be more frustrated against me and me against her. Let me stop having crushes on girls or guys. May I be freed from my guilt forever, may I be crucified like Jesus. Let me

stop idolizing, being selfish. Let me express my childhood sexual experiences. May my wife be able to project herself with me and still believe in our love. Let her stop saying “I can’t take it anymore” or “it’s not possible” and show compassion.

– I pray for our future children, that they may know the joy of the gospel of Christ! I would like to have a child with my wife. I also pray that we will stop smoking myself and my wife. Likewise, may the Lord assign each

of us our mission, our call! I pray that a balance will be found in our home, that my wife will prepare to be a housewife, that she will accept my authority, that she will submit to me, that she will do the dishes, the laundry

and that she tidy up our house. Let me be less helpful. I pray that she will stop trying to please everyone and stop dressing according to the flesh. I would also like her to change jobs. May she be healed of all her wounds,

emotional, physical and spiritual, may she be happy and content with me. May she be grateful to have me. Let her accept my kisses, my affection, my hugs … Let her not find that I stink. Let me stop fantasizing about

hippies. Let me express and forget the raves gone and the drugs. May my family and my wife not reject me. Help me to atone for all my misconceptions about sleep, help me to calm my anxieties. I pray that March will come


– I also ask for the grace of Jesus to help me with my computer problems, to help me invest in music (playing the guitar) and recover my memory, a good rhythm of revisions and to manage well with test methodologies. I

also pray to really improve in English and one day live in the United States. I ask the Lord to help me get out of my house to work and that I stop falling asleep again in the morning … I would like to give my Lord all my

addictions, tobacco, alcohol and any other drugs and my old addiction to pornography and unclean thoughts. That I never fantasize about other girls again. Let the images of women, pornographic and insulting disappear.

Let me die quickly. May I forget and atone for my past romantic relationships, all my past wounds. May I have no hard feelings, forgive and love all my friends and enemies. May I be very attentive and kind to others.. With

my wife, that we never moan again, that we stop complain and that we are never angry with each other. That we always manage to resolve our conflicts as quickly as possible. That I stop being afraid of my wife when I go

to Rennes, that I do not fear her. Let my wife do the dishes and stop writing the shopping list. Let my wife manage the laundry and organize the clothes.

– Finally, I pray for a work and relocation project in Rennes and to avoid divorce from my wife at all costs, and that this risk be reduced to nil in our minds !! I would like her to come to church and let her read her Bible,

pray with a veil over her hair. Let her family and friends reason with her. Let us never separate, not even in thought, let Jesus do a miracle, let her stop saying “it’s over”,that she never tires of me and our relationship, that

we no longer have a serious discussion. Let her no longer threaten me. May she be blessed by our Lord. May my family and especially myparents accept my testimony and my reading of the Bible, I no longer want quarrels

with them.

A big thank you to you ! May the Lord bless you abundantly!




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