Fraternity Pillar

A Life of Community and Fraternity

1. Like a sculptor chisels a stone to create a beautiful object, so too community life shapes each individual to learn to love our neighbor as ourselves. The humble of heart find a mysterious sweetness hidden in the challenges and sufferings of community living. Recognizing the obstacles to God’s way of love in one’s inborn selfishness and human passions (anger, jealousy, ill temper, etc.), there is no more potent corrective to the rough edges of human character and vice than the steady influence of life in common to achieve humility, harmony and fellowship as Knights.

2. Living together as brothers of one family, united in their love of Christ, the Knights place their personalities and talents at the service of fraternal life.

3. As lesser brothers always seeking the least place, the Knights are friars who serve one another and anticipate each other’s needs, supporting each other through prayer, mutual encouragement, honest communication, and sacrificial service, especially when fraternal assistance is needed.

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