Prayer Requests - Work

  • Requester:Gail Lawrence
  • Topic:
  • Date:09-11-2019
  • Time:7:58:12 AM

Please pray for me to get work/job as soon as possible.

Please pray for me to be blessed with the following if it is the lord will
1 Bless me with Marriage
2. Bless me in losing the weight
3. Bless with steady finance
4. Bless with and help me and Terence paths to cross
5. Bless me with unemployment money
6. Bless me with holiday pay
7. Bless me with good health of mind and body
8. Bless me with nice female friend help me to meet a good one
9. Bless me with the Work/Job at grassroots
10. Bless me that my numbers win the Jackpot Lottery or Jackpot Lottery Plus 1 & 2
11. Bless me that my numbers win the Jackpot Power Ball or Power Ball Plus 1
12. Bless me financially
13. Bless me with Temp work or permanent work that I capable of doing well and be happy in.
14. Bless me with Rent money every month and food money
15. Bless me with inner peace and a calm mind

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