Prayer Requests - urgent from Perú

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  • Requester:josé alvarado
  • Topic:
  • Date:01-11-2019
  • Time:6:04:13 PM

I really need your prayers. Beg Jesus to have mercy of me, to not to call me to particular judgment, to redeem me from all my wickedness and sins, to give me always His Holy Spirit, to heal me from the fruits of my rebel, blind, deaf, hard heart,to give me always salvific faith and the grace to remain in it always, to give me please good health (mind, heart, soul, body) for more decades to love Him, to give me the grace that He always helps me to live Phil 2:12, the grace to remain in Him always and a wife to fulfill 1 Cor 7:9 and His guidance and to forgive and to redeem also the prostitutes I talked to with sexual motives

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