Prayer Requests - prayer to remove demon

  • Requester:ranji thomas
  • Topic:
  • Date:09-09-2019
  • Time:6:45:33 AM

I need your prayers to get blessings of Holy spirit on my fiacee Jennifer Cruz & me . We are going through very tough situation, i am living & working in Cambodia & she is living & working in Maldives .We need God,s blessings to live & work together in same place .Now we are trying to get our marriage documents to proceeds ,but recently there is a married Maldivian person in her life named Shahid who is motivating her to commit adultery. Please pray to Jesus to give us blessings of Holy spirit to get out from this evil relationships which spoiling our parents hope & prayers. With lots of pains & tears i am sharing you my life sorrow, please pray that God takes Jennifer away from all extra martial affairs & God bless us to reunite for rest of life in Godly manner .I m trusting that Jesus will touch Jennifer,s heart and make her blessed with Holy Spirit so she believe in God.Please pray for Shahid to get blessed from Jesus and go back to his own family & never commit adultery.

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