Prayer Requests - Prayer for the man I love

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  • Requester:Carol Nelson
  • Topic:
  • Date:12-23-2019
  • Time:9:51:30 PM

Dear Heavenly Father, I give you praise for your Holy name.

Name above all Names, your power is unlimited and your strength has no end. You have said that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. As I face a mountain now Lord, and feel like my faith is weak, would you amaze me with your miraculous power. Remind me that you are in control of everything in my life. You are able to do far more than all that I ask or can even imagine, according to the power at work within me. To you be glory throughout all generations, forever and ever.

I Pray For This Man I Love, Marty Gomez. I pray that you will fill Marty’s heart, mind and soul with overwhelming love for me.

I pray for these hands that I need to hold me, for these eyes that share nothing but truth. I pray for the smile that stretches across his imperfect face and the way that simple expression can make my heart warm unconsciously—and how beautiful love is in the way it can do that.

Father, we are two imperfect people navigating this mess of life and love. We’re trying to live with hands that are outstretched and minds that put others first. We’re trying to spread hope; we’re just trying to do the best we can. And every time I look at him, I see a beautiful future. And I pray that you will guide us forward into that place, with you at the forefront of all we are and will become.

I don’t know what these days will hold for us. I don’t know if our path will be easy, or riddled with questions. I don’t know if we’ll stray, or stay in the light of your presence. I don’t know if we’ll come closer together, or fall apart. But I know that right now, I love him. And I’m not going anywhere. And so I pray that you show me how to care for him in both good times and bad, that you fill me with the support and power I need to be the best woman I can for him, even when our journey is tough.

I pray that you help me to seek you instead of the things of this world, and that you’ll teach him to do the same. That whatever tries to tempt us or convince us that we’re fine stumbling down dark paths will be destroyed in your name and our only focus is on each other, and you.

God, I pray for this man I love. I pray that his mind stays centered, his burden stays light, his heart stays pure and our journey blooms as we grow together. But most of all, I pray that he never loses sight of my love, or of you.

Thank you for blessing me with a person I’ve waited so long for.
And thank you for showing me all that I am, and all I’ll continue to become by his side.

I pray that you’ll be there for him, that you’ll strengthen and inspire him, that you’ll show him all that he has the potential to grow into when he surrenders his path to your plan. I pray that you’ll remind him of all that he has, and that you’ll teach him to be humble, but also proud.

I pray that you love him, that you’ll listen to him, that you’ll pull him to you when he wanders away. Father God, thank you for this person, this blessing, this adventure. Let me never forget how incredibly beautiful our story is. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.




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