Prayer Requests - Prayer for beloved souls and Souls of purgatory.

  • Requester:Jolyn Chris Dsouza
  • Topic:
  • Date:10-10-2019
  • Time:12:28:35 PM

Please pray for my below petition.

Lord I pray to you for the soul of our beloved timan mãi,Mrs.Damiana Costa e Mendes lord who died on 10th october 2019.Have mercy on her soul God.I pray to you to purify her soul and to take her in eternal life.May her soul rest in peace with you lord.I also pray for the soul of my beloved grandmother,Mrs.Joaquina Estebeiro e D’souza.Lord forgive them and purify their souls of all impurities and Lord give them eternal life.Have mercy on them lord and all others souls who have no one to pray for Lord I pray to you for them all lord take them in your paradise of eternal life.Amen.

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