Prayer Requests - Pray for my marriage to restoration

  • Requester:Andrea
  • Topic:
  • Date:02-22-2021
  • Time:9:41:37 PM

Pray for Andrea and Lyndsay to reunite our marriage and restore our love our family we have three daughters and I don’t want this family to be broken up. Grant us forgiveness, peace, healing of hearts , better communication and calmness. We are marry for almost 12 years and been together for 16 years total and this is the first time we are separated for now six weeks. My daughter Sophia she 10,giuliana 7, alexia 4. I been praying to god Jesus the holy Mary. Saying the roast everyday. Please lord hear my prayers . I am suffering everyday without my family. I didn’t cheated on my wife and I work midnights for 7.5 years with no sleep lack of it and I took a second job in October to help alittle with the bills. I was getting cranky and headaches and short temper with my wife in which I didn’t mean it . This past year was very tough and my wife put a restraining order on me and my girls so no contact whatsoever on January 14 and few weeks later she file for divorce on February 3. I don’t want a divorce I love them so much. She says I am abusive husband by yelling due to stress financially and my tiredness. I didn’t punched my wife only alittle push in which was an accident back in may because I was trying to get away from her from a heated arguemwnt but she was right in my chest area and alittle push and she went back alittle lost little her balance and swung her hand against the corner of the cabinet and broke her finger. I didn’t mean god and Jesus and Mary please understand. I wish my wife did communicate better with me and listen and likewise for me too.




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