Prayer Requests - Miracle

  • Requester:vanity
  • Topic:
  • Date:11-04-2019
  • Time:3:54:01 AM

I need an urgent prayer request regarding that I’m facing eviction at my apartment complex i have until Sunday to leave, so my mother was staying with me also. Still, she is going through a divorce the judge grant my mom to move back in her home. However, the only bad part is her ex-husband still stays at home. Also, he has a domestic abuse charge filed against my mother its on record for her safety. My mom had a trial date on November 5th. Now her has changed until January 2020 because my attorney wife had open surgery while i will be moving back i need favor for my mom to get an earlier court date and justice on her half far as money that is owed from her husband he was subpoena to pay her but nothing has been done and also prayer for him not to bother or harm my family or me while we are living there I’m a single mom with an autistic child i graduated in June 2019 from college to better myself my mom ex-husband is the reason why i took up a four year degree for criminal justice i want myself and mom not to be worry and covered because a couple of years when i use to stay at the house my ex stepdad was staying in they found 5 loaded guns in the home now I’m going to be living there i really need favor and a good outcome in this situation thanks God bless!

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