Prayer Requests - May God Bless Those That Have Gone Before us.

  • Requester:An anonymous requester
  • Topic:
  • Date:08-10-2019
  • Time:1:58:32 PM

Heavenly Father, have mercy on these souls-grant eternal rest to them.. Please grant them forgiveness and mercy. God save
Jane Fawcett, Everett Hooker Lamb, John Charles Fawcett, Rebecca Fawcett, Hattie A Chandler,
Amos Walter Fawcett, Amos Fawcett, Andrew D Chandler, Florence E. Lamb, John Anderson,
Rachel Weir, Everett Hooker Lamb, Ellen Bent Faucett, Blanche Jeffrey, Isabell Nichols, Emily L. Fawcett,
Rebecca Anderson, Alfred Fawcett, Helen Louise Tiger, Annie Louise Lummus, Henry Weir, Fanny Weir,
Andrew Fawcett Chandler, Mary Frances Fawcett, Elinor Fawcett, William H. Fawcett, Fred Emerson Faucett,
Fred Spencer Fawcett, Melbourne Fawcett, Jane Fawcett, Alonzo C. Fawcett, Howard Faucett,
John Charles Fawcett, Emily L Fawcett, Alia Fawcett in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen

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