Prayer Requests - marriage

  • Requester:Baptiste Lafferrerie
  • Topic:
  • Date:09-22-2022
  • Time:2:44:21 PM

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

B, CLC, LPDLA, MDLB, LB,C, L ltCV, G, G, M, SDF, M/H, A, J, R, M, BVSB, PDLL, S, SE, M, B, MDA , D, S, T, L, C, MELUA, PDHG, AS, M, L, V, T, E, B, T, EV, P, B, M, C, L, M, G, CC, IBG, SLST, C, ULIS , MSBIYPAPAG, MSDB, GUR ASUFR, MNBU, HUWUFAM, MTASS, MPLU, MGPQISTSA, B, LC, HUWF, HUBVADJI, MWHP, EP, CQODPAT, C, C, R, SB, HUWIACAL, HIWHALAMDM, HUSMDM, MPLARUAEH, MTADAMWBA, HUCOSTEOAP, G, S, G, T, TWC, H/M, MTSIME, MSDTTIAD, GUM, MTSBH, HUCCAAE, MSAM,MNDODU, V, D, B, S, D, P, LP, LC, S, C, CF, M , A, A, L, R , L, RN, C, B, , FLA, D, EP, AVS, O,Q, S,C,FES, C, A, B, A, NLLA, P, C, B, IDE, V, N, PV, M, F, VNB, YG, O, D, M, C, UQDLC, SG, I, P, SG, MD, P, GC, MFR, J, P, C, T, L, E , I, M, D, B, A, O JC, JT, E, L, MB, M, S, A, R, FH, M, J, T, C, PF, T, E, N, M, M, B, CN, S, G, B, T, P, LRSY, I, V, B, F, C, J, PDHG, PE, M, F, B, F, I, B, PE, MDB, V, S, L, J, Ln LMG , CQVP, LRSY, EPENB, P, ADD, B, P, H/M, P, A, T, M , I, C/L, ES, CSC, EM, RE, CEM, ID, GDJM, P, I , S, L, AECM, ASH, I, A, WU, NDP, R, L, B, DDEC, ITB, O, A, G, M, M, B, S, F, R, J, M, N , Y, P, M, ADD, CNEF, CNED, CA M, LP, V, DS? R, C, LL, D, B, V, D, H, F, DRC, F, SB, Ah, LGG, FEL, A, M, J, L, MFR, V, C, SLST, P, A, H, H, LL, IB, E/A, C, C, G, S, F2C12, TWSADJ, A, TC, RDA,A, FQAC PED, H, I, ADJ, I, S,GDE, F, M, C, M, M, MEM, EC, LRSY, GDM, CAF, FI, MFR , WU, T, P, W, L, P, L, CSC , BK, D, ADJ, F, J, N, G, EPENB, CAEF, H, EPENBFH, T, I, LRSY , FLA, R, B, R, J, D, B, A, M, M, R, K, H, ADJ , FH, C, M, C, A, C, GR, D, P, C B, B, A, P, B, G, EP , E, FMM, C, A, B, B, F, D, M, M, V, HUHGB , LH, M, BK, E, D, LRSY, LSDC, S, S, J, MA, M, I, AB, GR, V, M, A G, A, R, UC, E, Cn , H, EC, EP, H, B, C, C, C, P, T, M, CN, FC, M /O, JM, A, E, Y, C, JM, L, B, D, JM, IDCEDO, C, J,P, C, S, F, P, P, LME, MCBA , J, B, L, S, B, L, R, LP, C, FDM, N , P, T, P, T, A, T, S, L, G, D, LTN, SDF, I, P, S, LMTWAA, LR, V, JM, A, R, G, L, T, C, JM, L, E54 , GDV, U, A, MDLA, T, CLCAB, J, L, LC, EPENB, C, R, S, L, Cnef, TE, M, G, M, A, ADD, B, GP,…). HTB, MESWO, CGSC, HUW2T24, GUP, May God bless you richly and give you strenght !!


worshipping God



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