Prayer Requests - Living God’s will in our vocations in the family.

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  • Date:01-11-2019
  • Time:6:25:11 AM

That families mirror what they see happening in the Catholic Church. When the Church celebrates Advent, the home celebrates Advent, when the Church observes Lent, we do at home. That the husband is the head of the family ( mirrors Christ), the wife is the heart of the family (virtues of Mary), and the children are gifts from God towards the family. We are losing roles of what each member of the family has. They are being blended together so the lines between male and female roles are being blurred. Women are acting like men and men like women. Children are running the house while the parents are not being parents. Pray that husbands and wives be proud of their God given roles in a marriage and be open to have children. That big families are a blessing and not frown on as burdensome. If we have too many children it will effect the lifestyle that we wish to live. That will place the Domestic Church at home soon it will mirror the Catholic Church that we attend. Pray for the government and the work force to change to be more family friendly. To allow women to stay at home and take care of the family, to serve her husband, and be a welcoming beacon for the whole community. That she has the freedom to do so and not forced to work because one pay check from the husband is not enough. For men to be pillars of community and at Church. For parents to encourage vocations in their families regarding their children. The world would be a more Christ centered and at peace with itself for it is mirroring what God attended it to be.

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