Prayer Requests - In a mental battle and feel like giving up

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  • Requester:denise
  • Topic:
  • Date:06-10-2019
  • Time:1:04:38 PM

Please pray for me and my kids, we have been fighting major battles for a long time now & I feel like all my hope & faith are almost gone. Physically I want to completely give up, but inwardly my spirit keeps fighting. I have been through so much these last 6 months & it has taken a toll on my mind and I am dealing with a lot of mental issues right now. I have been battling thoughts of suicide for quite some time now. I am trying to seek help,but good mental therapy is hard to find here & 1 wrong thing could put me over the edge. Please pray that God settles and restores my mind & that I get a large financial breakthrough and a good paying stable job so I can help my kids & take care of myself. Some days I am good mentally, but others days things are bad.I started taking meds so that I can function and try to get my life back. Please pray that I get blessed with a home of my own paid in full and a new vehicle. I ask for your prayers because I am generally the one who everyone turns to for prayer, but no one genuinely will pray for me. I ask that you pray that I get a stable home for me and my kids and that I finish college and be able to pay for school & be able to focus. Every attempt I make gets blocked by the enemy and any money I receive, gets wiped out & not because of bad decisions. The enemy causes something unexpected to take it all & I am a giver by nature. Please pray that God gives me favor and I get blessed with a home to leave my kids something when i die. Please pray that I get the money to pay my storages and don’t lose my storages and that I get blessed with a home before July or at least truly have some direction or know where I’m headed. Please pray that I get a stable home of my own and a reliable vehicle and healing for my body for me and my kids. Please pray that my daughter gets the money to pay her bills from her job asap and don’t get evicted. Please pray that my son car insurance is not cancelled. Everything is so expensive and I need a really good high paying job ASAP in Jesus Name

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