Prayer Requests - Health and Financial home move blessing

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  • Requester:Pantelitsa Constaninou
  • Topic:
  • Date:02-12-2019
  • Time:2:10:55 AM

Dear divine shrine I ask in my humble heart and soul for a huge mirical to find us…please heal my son frank and I to ful health and vitality and keep us happy safe secure debt free in a new safe secure loving new home..please heal our debts and finally have great peace of mind that all will be finally be blessed in your church today..please remove all toxic evil Satan back stabbers off our daily paths for ever. Send back Satan to them.please bless our home in London to be finally debt free forever and keep us happy safe secure..please unblock the dysfunctional situation and blockage of loss bad luck and pain.remove the curses from our paths forever. Thank you deeply in the name of our Jesus Christ son of our amity god

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