Prayer Requests - Get Well Zachary

  • Requester:An anonymous requester
  • Topic:
  • Date:09-10-2019
  • Time:5:46:51 PM

Please pray for Zachary Quick. Zachary continues to have difficulty breathing, the cancer has spread and is pushing against his lungs so he can’t breathe on his own. The ventilator is still in his throat. They have given him more Propofal to help him relax and sleep. They will be taking him off dialysis tonight as they feel this maybe reason the chemo did not work before. They will be given him a stronger chemo this evening and hopefully it will shrink some of the cancer so Zachary is able to breathe without laboring. If this chemo does not work they may have to try radiation which they do not want to do on a 18 year old, but they may have to do this to save his life. Zachary would also have to have a tracheotomy during the radiation procedure (which we hope will not be necessary). Please share and pray as we can use all the prayers possible at this time.

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