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  • Requester:Elizabeth McNally
  • Topic:
  • Date:04-13-2019
  • Time:5:41:50 AM

My four adult children have all left the faith. Please pray for them that God grants them a conversion and return to the sacraments. They are:
Edward McNally, divorced, with a young daughter who is not baptized, and he is now dating a fallen-away Catholic, Amy.
Patrick McNally, living with a non-Catholic woman is inappropriate for marriage. He has an attraction to monasticism.
Maureen McNally, married to a non-Catholic, Matthew (they married in the Church). They have one son who is baptized, are expecting their second child.
Cathleen McNally, who is living with a man who is not appropriate for marriage (he was reared totally oblivious of Christianity).
They were reared as Catholics, but I did a poor job teaching them their faith, and I was a bad example. They are all beautiful people, smart, and successful in their careers. They are all generous and loving, and very good to me.

Please also pray for:
my grandchildren: Vivian McNally, who is not baptized; Torin Alexander, for a priestly vocation; Torin’s not-yet-born sibling;
my husband, Anthony McNally, who suffered from sexual abuse, lived as an alcoholic, and now has a brain injury. He has severe personality disorders;
my godchildren: Matthew Jones, who suffers from personality disorders; Megan Duncan, who had a false conversion and was baptized and evidently never really had faith; Gabriel Martinez, newly born and is soon to be baptized.
my brothers and sisters and their families: Richard (fallen away); Anne; Michael (fallen away); Matthew (fallen away); Mary. We had a traumatic childhood, as our mother suffered from anti-social personality disorder, and we grew up with madness.
me, that I may grow in the love of God, and for the graces I need to conform totally to His Holy Will.

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