Prayer Requests - For Fulfilment Of My purpose on eath

  • Requester:Sopriala Membere
  • Topic:
  • Date:10-07-2019
  • Time:3:51:59 AM

I thank God for his blessings on me and my family thus far and the unending mediation of the blessed Virgin Mary, My lovely Mother
I use this medium to part for the forgiveness of my sins and evil actions, that I might find the right ways and courage to make up for them.
I also pray for long life for my parents and brother and open. Doors of blessings on the Membere family and my tribe, the kalabari people of southern Nigeria.
I also pray that the good Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession of the blessed Virgin Mary that I may fulfil my purpose on Earth fully to the glory of God, humanity and my Country/ continent and the world at large.
I also pray for blessings and clearity in live and faith, that my path to success might be made straight.
I pray for grace and strength to always help humanity with all my connections, power and wealth through out my life.
I also pray for humility and Wisdom and the gift to apply Wisdom.
I also pray for a good life partner, knowledge, understanding and retentive memory. I also pray for the mother church my home that God may help it grow and never be overwhelmed or overshadowed. Amen
And God bless you all.

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