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  • Requester:Patricia Pillion
  • Topic:
  • Date:05-14-2019
  • Time:10:29:05 PM

I live with a woman that is 83, and her name was spelled wrong on some of the invitations we were receiving for the up coming Wedding. I wrote to the Mother of the Bride and corrected the spelling of her name. This woman is the oldest in the family. I thought it would not be a big deal. Well it was, I heard from the daughter in law that lives next door. It is her son that is getting married. She was telling me that they were very hurt to have received a letter that corrected this woman’s name.
The Wedding is May 25th. I am now feeling like an outcast. I can not undo anything. I now do not feel like I a outgoing person near these people. I will just attend this function and stay quiet most of the time. I now feel like I am not wanted to be there. I am the 83 year old mother’s care taker. I am driving her to the wedding in N.C..

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