Prayer Requests - Family distressed

  • Requester:Julianh Fernandes
  • Topic:
  • Date:09-02-2019
  • Time:11:17:24 AM

This is for thanks giving your prayers and intercession for release of son alroyd vessel grace 1 and reaching home safe and sound after the traumas at Gibraltar South Spain. Please pray for his safety from his employer who had engaged him and 4 threatening crew members and all his dues are paid in full without obstruction and gets another employment in a safe environment and deliver him wife shaista children and families from bondage of Islam and rebellion and accepts Jesus Christ as their saviour and be healed and protected with all family members. Also that he gets a separate house of his own in city Mumbai as he wife shaista and 3 kids growing up needs space as in the present sharing with her mom and other family kids getting congested and uncomfortable.
Also pray and intercede for desperate situation daughter Asmita undergoing separation trauma evicted from home by non fearing god hubby Abie of 6 years marriage being impotent, is blessed with peace harmony and protection in new accommodation, landlady, fellow mates, healthy meals preparation and a God fearing employed life Catholic partner with out harassment from Abie and able to sell off intended jointly house land property and obtain her investment portion peaceably and abie turn in fear of God Almighty in Jesus Christ sincerely repents and is healed of impotence, pride, lying, deceiving and stops from being atheist and contacts his heart broken mother with fear of God in his heart and be healed spiritually, physically and mentally.
That I be delivered from my Present tenants in my goa house by name Ravi singh and fellow mates and another one by name Manoj and wife in my Ave Maria House vacate peacefully and that they are blessed in their jobs careers, children and spouses are healed and blessed and my forgivingness if I have been harsh Or hard With them in anger.
Present landlord of our building kharwa sikshan Samaje harassing me for repairys at tenants cost, negligence and other issues that we all be delivered from Their blackmail, harassment extortion and evil agendas and do proper repair works in my place of stay with strong stilts underneath to prevent collapsing and roof rainwater leakages.
That my plan to convert and develop my small plot of land (in Madgao, Goa) of my life-savings erect residential holiday homes from a Developers introduced by acquaintance Tony Fernandes. for daughter asmita and son alroyd is without any obstructions especially from rebellious demanding uncooperative son Alroyd execute s Power of Attorney with equal share with demanding and with out or harassment or obstacles smoothly and peacefully. That all legal documents like Succession Deed, plot 41 Goa builder Allaudin, with Collector, are cleared processed and I given genuine originals of succession deed, etc. including agreement documents commitments in exchange for 2 accommodation s and rightful payments made to me without delay or cheating and from rebellious ungrateful son Alroyd and Moslem wife shaista and her parents and family members.
In Jesus name i pray.

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