Prayer Requests - Distressed family members

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  • Requester:Julian Simplicio Fernandes
  • Topic:
  • Date:07-11-2019
  • Time:12:37:05 PM

Please pray an intercede for:
Eldest sister Josephine and mother of Linus jobless for long time and brother Peter all lazy, lethargic, rebellious and irresponsible, take initiative and willingly participate recite family rosary, attend daily holy mass, be active and responsible. Niece lourdes single handedly running family with uncooperative lazy and irresponsible mother, uncle Peter and linus partake in household responsibilities support to lourdes and blessed with good jobs and marriage life partner and be filled with joy, love of jesus and the holy Spirit.
widow Jane undergoing depression for long time in family problems and unwilling to see anyone is healed with peace, love, joy, responsible and filled with the holy spirit.. That her son Bosco is blessed with a job and be responsible at home and another son Keith taking care of the entire family and feeling depressed are all filled with the love of Jesus and the holy Spirit and joy, recite family rosary daily and attend holy mass daily.
That I am able to get a Catholic Christian god fearing family as a tenant in my vacant home with out threats – in my building named after mother Mary Ave Maria once full of Christian families but now being more than half filled with Moslem families secretly brought in my an Islam fundamentalist Hanif his wife babi and his mother Farida putting all Christian occupants against one another and Muslims involved in physical attacks and harassment with us Christian, taking charge of entire building and brewing trouble behind the scenes by negligence of proper maintenance and reducing water supply and overflowing of storm rain water and putting hardships deliberately and even threatening so that all Christians leave and go away to enable him occupy the residential building with all Moslems and change name of Ave Maria. Please storm heaven that all his activities be totally discontinued and comes to an end
Thank you
In Jesus name i pray

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