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  • Requester:Julian Simplicio Fernandes
  • Topic:
  • Date:01-09-2019
  • Time:7:47:16 AM

Please pray for daughter asmitha in Sydney physically attacked by hubby abie and evicted married since 5 and half years refusing consummation of marriage on various pretexts discovered impotent and secretly residing with another woman
Added to traumas she is now jobless and looking for another job career

And abie wants separation which has shattered her life of having a family with children being 31 years and all her cousins having married and having kids of their own. Also locked in a land deal box hill with abie and putting his friends against her.

Please pray Jesus takes away all her frustrations, hopelessness, despair and fill her with the holy spirit of joy, peace, forgiveness, healings, protection, blessings and holy life partner extends help to her on all issues viz suitable job career, accommodation, finances, land deal situation peace and in her marital life

Will appreciate receiving favourable reply
Thank you in Jesus name

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