Prayer Requests - Dear mama mary Please help to get my job as I been thrown because of wearing cross and following my God, they tortured me mentally, physically and financially very much due to that I lost my parents.Now im alone suffering because Im not having my job.They tortured me so much even I asked for my experience certificate they did not offered me that I lost my job in israel because of i was wearing cross, and thrown by false witnesses as I did not obey them to be away from. Because of them.and through there torture I lost my mother due to tension she had an heart attack and I lost her even I lost my father.They tortured me mentally and physically very much .And they did not gave my experience certificate also so I could have any job yet. My agency was Adiv Askelon they took more then 50000 dollar and they even did not help me out and even they misued me  .They first of cheated me took my offer letter and the original documents from me and they gave me another paper which was of no use of mine and they cheated m

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  • Requester:Payal
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  • Date:06-09-2019
  • Time:2:15:03 PM

Dear holy mother mary
Please help me and strengthen me an in my finance, as how devil sofie and yogav has snatched my job, by false witnesses, as they tortured me very bad, mentally, spiritually, physically and financially, as they throw me out from israel because of a Christian girl, and wearing  cross, and grabbed my insurance money, and they grabbed all my benefits of foreign workers benefits, evil guy yogav is still practicing black magic against me, destroy every evil forces from me and my family, Banish destroy them so that I can be healthy to serve the living God jesus, as they misued me very much, and used to curse jesus as harami, send them to pit soon all the evil, and they strengthened all the wickeds, they did not show any pity on the poor and the orphans Pray for this orphan child to receive all my benefits and compensate my loses accured due to evil and wicked, mama protect me and my brothers sisters and our children In my family, help us favour us in  all our trails, grant me peace and holy spirit, wisdom, strengthen me. In jesus name Amen
Your daughter Payal

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