Prayer Requests - concentration of my graphic designing softwares photoshop illustrator indesign corel draw successfil graphic desinger. binind renita-neelam, flat ownership on dads name, us citizenshipwith all cats,procatination of apartment redvevlopment

  • Requester:bonita dsouza
  • Topic:
  • Date:11-03-2022
  • Time:5:17:17 PM

Dear Jesus&Mother Mary,I thank you for blessing me with this new laptop with a low price,protect it from all viruses.Help me learn&RESTORE MY MEMORY OF MY SOFTWARES PHoTOSHOP,INDESIGN,ILLURATOR, COREL DRAW AND PRIMEIER PRO,heal my CAT TINY TAIL, SHOW ME THE REAL REASON WHAT IS PAINING INSIDE HER& WHAT IS HARMING HER.Jesus remove all my generational/ancestrial curses from my mothers/&fathers side casuing any sickness&/financial bockage.Thank you for helping me with the black aparlysed kitten,forgive me if i didnt care for him correctly&grant his soul to rip..-Jesus heal my cats& my dad memory,knee,abdomen.heal leston heart& avoid the open heart sugery,make it successful.prosper terrance food business& make him remove the ungodly things in his me to concentrate on my graphic designing- movie poster,bookcover,posters,flyers,visiting&wedding cards,color correction,matte painting,vfx, green screen removal,image restoration,blending modes, filters,levels, curves, colour theory,masking, adjustments.pritam sir-bring him back to class.make my cousin brother agnelo xavier&ELIZABETH give the noc.make the advertisement of the flat to be done in a genuine manner without any hinderance,MAKE ADVOCATE PIREZ TO GIVE A GOOD SOLUTION FOR the flat TO come on my dads name the pune plot at your some miracle& help me get a buyer.make no bulider come for my apartment redevelopment,delay the entire process of redevlopment&dont let all the 38or58 permisions come easily&blinden the bmc,dont make them sent eviction notice.give only 10 floor permissions&Rs30k rent by builder.give me a great place on rent with low price&with all my cats wherein they dont have a problem even if i keep 50cats when my apartment goes for redevelopment..HELP ME BECOME AGREAT GRAPHIC DESIGNER along with my tourism &BLESS ME WITH A GOOD SALARY&TAKE ME TO USA WITH ALL My CATS,make 5 of my new cats settle in the bungalow behind my apartment&help me to neuter all the fmeles to avoid unnecessary kitten birth to avoid unwanted deaths..restore all the money to my empty bank balances& make malika co-opearative housing society reopne&give my parents rs5lacs plus other peoples money. i lost plus give the poor.DESTROY THE DEMON OF PROCASTINATION,POVERTY(mammon)& DEBT ALL ALL BONDAGES,declutter my home.send away things not requires…make my fridge to function normally.send your Holy Ghost Fire around tha.Jesus break all their stranghold against me,myhome,my pets& us.bless& heal uncle Milind bladder&kidney-NORMALISE HIS CREATINE my body to be strong&gain wieght of 10 kilos,stop my hairfall.createanother 20000 animal lovers&allow all 60000registered societies to keep pets&to allow tenats to keep innumerable pets in mumbai,to adopt&neverleave their pets till they die,help dr nilima paranjpe&DrAmiBhatia to open a night clinc,bless her with all the provisions she needs-doctors,medicine,staff,machines.destroy all the bondages,yokes&burdens she has.make denver a good vet.bless,protect&restore all the money of crores Dr Vipulroy rathod has lost.Give his two hispitals back&save him from taxes.bless&protect Dr sharad shah.Guide&blessme to USa with all my cats&bless,protect&guide my friends Todd(spine&abdomen&pancrease&diabestes),todd cousin bro(sucidialtendencies)Phyllis(breast&spine), dawn (spine).jw(diabtes&pancrease& heart)carol,laurajohnston(chrons diease &deliverance, jessica(moremoney), jennifer(arthiritis) jessica bradshaw, valentina for cats.joanne(financial support),valentina(money&good health for cats care).joanne heal her brokn hip.heal Hillary foot&toe& give his flat back(protection from all evil&lgion spirit)&rose(bless her with more money&place to keep cat)STEPHEN (FROM ALL EVIL ATTACKS FROM RENITA&NEELAM.Bless&protect Donald TRump..increase his finances.deliver him&his fly for all satanic-witchcraft-demonic rituals,vexes hexes voodoo&all evil spiritis.make me help alot of American homeless people&animals.give them me to concentrate on America,how will i go with all my cats,their carriers,tickets,qarantine,My american citizenship,my home,my mortage,food, medical.give me alot fo cheap fish.DELIVER US FROM THESE MOSQUITOES.grant my moms soul rip.
Make this evil tenant both mother&herdaughtervarli&yogita&my neighbour neemlan&renita&PADMA(both witches&demons-bind their brain memory heart mouth lip hands&legs)FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER&make the mother see her daughter is having a boyfriend& fight.make both tese witches hate&create confusion&fight with each other stop feeding the pigeons.. around Send Your Holy Ghost Fire around the the flat 301&401& 404 in my apartment Arjun,make it difficult to live &leavein this apartment.give them allergic reaction towards pegions&stop throwing garbage down-CREATE CONFUSION&HATRED AMONG THESE DEMONIC SATANIC HUMAN BEINGS.Jesus hear Your people cry,consume these demons Varli,the husband,yogita govind,(bind them with my evil wicked possessed neighbours padma,neelam, renita).destroy these people,Show them You are the True living God&the result of troubling Your people.Create confusion among them,blinden their eyes,deafen their evil ears,control their hands&legs&mind,brain,tongue,mouth& heart&abdomen&from all their evil thoughts,words&actins to any form of oocult,black magic,voodoo&witchcraft& the jezebel spirit&evil spirits& calling&backfire all their evil plans,bondages,witchcraft,black magic,voodoo,spells,chants&legions their networks,its stronghold&cyclestheir tanrics,shamans,demoinc sacrifices&coconuts&protect all the people whom they do it on(RETURN TO SENDER)entering my home&apartment&the premises&make them fight with each other& dont amke them cross each others path in friendship.protect my apartment premises,my garden-its plants&uncle balram from all their witchcraft-demonic-satanic-occult-evil eye,calling&networks,victoria& cecilia family deliver them from all ancestrial bondgages, curses, evil spirit of witchcraft,voodo,hexes&vexes& spells&chants &restore their money,help her with her legal matter,process her land monetary share&heir certificate soon&give cecilia flat back&others who have stood by me.Lord Jesus bless me with wealth so i can help your me to get close to ship ports museums& sea life as i love sea life.bless me with a husband soon.Inspire bonney pereira to redevlop the fish maket in malad station & orlem market.start finnning those people who spit in MUmabi.Stop the second dose of vaccine&wearing of mask.destroy the house of saud,dubairuler&brunei&islamic rulers riche.convert entire afganishtan-pakistan bangladesh to Christianity-make harish wadone sell his bike&car & get money&make more space in the apartment.stop renita from taking the cats up&making them shit in the b wing.put Your Hoy Ghost fire&fear inher,bless me with good lady friends.thank you for removing the evil watchman vinod& destroy all his evil robbery plans to fail.inspire me to eat and cook.Blesss,heal&make my body&eyes strong.heal my stomach,pangastritis me gain weight& guide all kittens& cats to new,richer&kinder people than me.JesusIm tired I did take care of Your cReation,now release me from this job for a little time.calm our apaprtment dog pillie,stop him from chasingknown&unknown people& biting them.protect,akshata&geetanjalifrom allevil.bless their lawyer work.put your fear in Justina&make her never to come back again.grant peace to all those souls who dont have anyone to pray for&the souls in the hospital behind my apartmnet&all hospital&all cemetaries.deliverAmar singh& all the possessed people whom hillary is helping.deliver Hillarey from all bondagges&demons around him.bless me with alot of cheap good fish&a husband.Amen.
Jesus destroy vanessa backmagic,witchcraft&its networks&cyclesfis & make the American Hq see what the Indian managment is doing.put Your HolySpirts fear in them,protect all the people whom they bind.neelams,renita,justina evil eyes,deafen their evil ears,control their hands&legs&break renitas friendhsip with raquel,make them hate each other.Make the flat owner,the tenants brother&the police,the agent raja& shiv sena bonney pereira,secreatry&tCOMITTE other members&registrar take our side.make the onwer LEO THROW THEM OUt&unblock me.&protect all fo them from their see what She& her daughte are doing& take myside.Send your Holy Spirit upon them.make bonney pereira take my side&make them leave this apartment..OPEN UP HEAVEN SEND HELP FROM ALL SIDES TO THROW THEM OUT&TAKEMYSIDE&TEACH THEM A LESSON.convert the rest of the family to Christianity.Send your Holy fire around these demons&make them tremble&fight with each other.&bindvaness&the compamny fis&make all the demonic-witchcraft-satanicattacksdemons spirit tantrics she sends on everyone.dont make anymore family tenants come to our apartment only singles.Make Yopur Holy Ghost fire send them away.Amen


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