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The Knights spend two hours each day in adoration. In addition, we offer rosaries, fasting, and holy masses for these intentions. Candles are also often lit in front of the statues of Our Lady and St. Joseph as your intentions remain in our chapel as we gather daily in prayer.


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Latest Prayers

Rosaries for Anje for success in immigration (and the rest not worse) 2019-2028

To whom it may concern,
Pls pray the rosary for me in 2019-2028:
for succeeding in my immigration without that anything in my life gets worse (that arouses jealousies).

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, 08-05-2019 - 3:54:13 PM

Pray that God blesses my mom a better car

Pray that God blesses my mom a better car and pray that God cures my mom of her sadness

Prayer Requested By: Amber, - 3:40:48 PM

Pray for Eternal Rest

Bruce Anthony Berry and Danny Ray Whitten both died from drugs. Please pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness for them.Please pray for eternal rest for their soul. May they know peace with Christ Jesus.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 1:09:50 PM

God heal Rodney

Rodney Cleveland is in critical condition after Portland police said he was assaulted over the weekend.
Please pray for his healing. Please pray for his salvation. May Jesus heal him sprit, soul, and body…

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 12:27:42 PM


pray for suffocating air hunger in lloyd’s COPD to divinely heal. amen.

Prayer Requested By: An anonymous requester, - 6:34:37 AM

Please pray

I have legal trouble please pray charges get dropped haven’t hurt anyone was just dumb I’m very scared for my family and myself

Prayer Requested By: Eddie, - 4:06:33 AM

spiritual and physical healings

First for daughter physical healing .and if not will of God a holy death. CHILDERN and grandchildren to return to church and confession. A holy and prepared death for self and husband and for the conversion of the world epically the USA . That we as a country become one of life and choose good government that follows the will of God.

Prayer Requested By: Kathleen donnelly, 08-02-2019 - 3:11:22 PM

Family distressed

Desperate situation Son ALROYD converted islam with out approval of me father and late mother Aveena with muslim wife Shaista with 3 gal kids (aamena 11 years, zara about 5 years and mahinoor about 3years )are released from bondage of islam and come out safely under the protection of Jesus Christ and entire family including her parents are filled with the truth of the Holy Spirit; being jobless since long and throwing or losing jobs
has just 3 months ago got a job suddenly made known to me when his wife’s father called me that he is aboard the vessel Grace 1 arrested by British police on ground of supplying crude oil to Syria. Please pray for his and crew safety and release without any harm including those of 2 British vessel held by Iran in retaliation.

Another desperate situation daughter asmita undergoing trauma evicted from home in NSW Oz left high and dry by hubby abie of 6 years marriage being impotent and undergoing separation and job, is blessed with peace harmony and protection in new accommodation, meals preparation and a God fearing employed life Catholic partner with out any harassment from abie family and friends. That she obtains annulment peacefully with out hassles or obstruction due to non consummation of marriage and impotency of abie who refused counselling with a counsellor after asmitha making payment. That abie being now atheist turns in total surrender to Jesus Christ as his Lord and saviour and healed spiritually, mentally and physically, attends church service and turns god fearing attends church service and reads Bible daily.

In jesus name I pray. Thank you Jesus and all of you. Amen,

amen, amen.

Prayer Requested By: Julian Simplicio Fernandes, - 10:00:20 AM

Conversion, Cure and Liberation

For the conversion and cure of Ana Claudia and for the conversion and spiritual liberation of Glauber and Denise. Amem

Prayer Requested By: Álex Fontoura, - 3:51:08 AM

Blessed married life

I request n beg you to pray for my sister Flory age 44 n her husband Peter age 47..they got married in December 2018…they are not going well with each other..her husband is telling her to leave him..n he is not at all in prayers…please pray for her husband conversion n sanctification..n also pray for my sister to accept him from her heart….n give them the grace to understand each other.
Please pray for thier blessed n successful married life.

Please pray for my sister to b blessed with a good n permanent job

Thank you very much for your prayers.
Sister Dorothy Alphonso

Prayer Requested By: Dorothy alphonso, - 3:42:38 AM

I need god to bless my manger go to day shift

I need my manger heather to go to day shift as soon as possible

Prayer Requested By: Shereese Clark, 08-01-2019 - 8:56:32 PM

Employment and evil parents come to the truth

 Dear Mother Mary and Jesus..
Please destroy the tumor in my mother's PANCREAS.  You are the greatest healer. Deliver her from pancreatic cancer  and diabetes.Make my characyerless and brainless father throw out all the unwanted electronics.make him get a good rate for the pune land& make him put the flat on hos me find a good job. Close yo my house. Help me do my fashion designing and styling.graphic and landscape designing. Guide me to America with all my 8 cats how will I get a job citizenship.please& protect Donald Trump

Prayer Requested By: Bonita, - 6:50:02 PM


Pray That I Will Diligently Keep The Ten Commandments That My Home Life Health Will Be Blessed By The Lord That Ungodly Individuals In My Life Home Everyday Travels Will Converted Blessed Renewed By The Lord Poor Souls In Purgatory Prayer In Schools That I Will Overcome This Evil Age This Corrupt World The Inclinations Of The Flesh The Subtle Deceit Of The Devil All My Priest Friends For The Holy Father

Prayer Requested By: Joseph, - 12:51:07 PM
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